DALE DISTRICT Near the entrance to Falling Creek Middle School (FCMS), Michael Jackson declared his candidacy for the Chesterfield County School Board to represent...


Near the entrance to Falling Creek Middle School (FCMS), Michael Jackson declared his candidacy for the Chesterfield County School Board to represent the Dale District. Mr. Jackson intends to fill the soon-to-be vacant seat to bring about positive change to the schools in the county.  He states that he will seek improvement in all the schools in the area to give students the opportunity to achieve at the highest levels.

While the Dale District will be his first concern, he made his announcement in front of FCMS because it is a vivid example of how the current school board has failed the children in this school. The needs of this school, especially, have inspired him to seek this school board position.

FCMS has consistently struggled to meet SOL accreditation by posting student pass rates below 70 percent in each of the four subject areas.  Additionally, FCMS has reportedly referred students to the courts and police at a jaw dropping 39 times the national average.  As a result of the serious shortcomings at FCMS, Jackson and his wife, Vera, elected not to have their two children attend FCMS.

“Every parent wants to know his or her child has equal access to a quality public education,” Jackson said.  “If the child is attending FCMS, that parent cannot be confident success will be achieved.  The Chesterfield School Board has thus far failed these children, and that is why I am running.”  Jackson will face an opponent in the election on November 3.

For over 20 years, Jackson’s professional background has included accounting and finance, business valuation and public administration. He currently serves as a fiscal healthcare consultant for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in which he ensures quality healthcare access to people who have been diagnosed with HIV or those who are living with AIDS.

The candidate indicates he has a real passion to ensure all our children have access to a quality education regardless of where they live in Chesterfield County.  He has demonstrated a proven commitment to rolling up his sleeves and working with purpose to ensure that no Chesterfield child is denied access to a quality education.  And he has the perspective of a caring Chesterfield parent who grasps the problems in our schools and has a plan to address them.

For more information about Michael Jackson’s campaign visit: http://www.michaeljackson4schoolboard.com/index.html


Bill Hastings has announced that he will be running for School Board in November. Mr. Hastings was born in Richmond and has spent the last 30 years living in Chesterfield County.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Master’s Degree in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Hastings has been married to his wife, Susan, for 38 years and they have four children who all attended Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS). Hastings worked for 37 years as a CCPS science teacher and Susan worked for 31 years as a CCPS speech therapist. Bill has spent the last six years working as an adjunct professor teaching biology and ecology at John Tyler Community College at the Chester Campus.

Hasting wrote in a press release that, “The public school system in Chesterfield County is at a critical point in its history. Teacher morale is suffering due to extensive SOL testing and a growing number of initiatives from the central administration. The School Board needs someone that truly understands the classroom and that can bring that experience to the table in order to set more realistic expectations for teachers and to treat teachers as professionals. I believe that I can bring that skill set and experience to the School Board in order to improve morale and help move the system forward.”

Hastings indicates that he will represent the Matoaca District and the county with his experience to improve and implement special education, gifted education and 504 plans, as a School Board member will need to articulate a vision for the future. One example would be to plan for the new skills and knowledge that will be needed for next year’s kindergarten students when they become high school seniors. This should be a team effort, which I would like to lead: aggressive oversight of expenditures of tax payers’ dollars; do everything possible to raise teacher salaries and reduce tasks that do not directly improve instruction; promote an atmosphere of respect for teachers as professionals and halt the further outsourcing of custodial services and evaluate its continuation. Personally Bill enjoys spending time with his adult children. He also enjoys canoeing, hiking, restoring old vehicles, and home improvement.

There are no incumbents running in the Matoaca or Dale Districts. Carrie Coyner is unopposed in the Bermuda District.