How many calories do you burn if you drive to work? Not many, even if you drive while listening to your favorite exercise CD...

How many calories do you burn if you drive to work? Not many, even if you drive while listening to your favorite exercise CD and find the closest parking space to your building before you sit on your butt all day. Physical jobs are much better for you. Just check you Fitbit.

How many steps does it take to burn 100 calories? According to doctor internet, the average 150 pound person burns about 75 calories walking for 10 minutes. Add to that those 25 calories burned, when you are wearing comfy shoes and clothes, and you have just cut 100 calories a day. A 155-pound person walking a 17-minute mile would burn 76 calories, while a 185-pound person would burn 90 calories.

How many steps would you have to walk if you rode public transportation to work?  Your annual internet checkup will tell you:  “Individuals who use public transportation get over three times the amount of physical activity per day of those who do not (approximately 19 minutes, rather than six minutes) by walking to stops and final destinations. Safety, a reduction in stress, saving money and providing access to essential needs later in life are also advantages.

Maybe all this is nil if you are concerned with what it costs the government. But you must also consider at least on this end of the county; the economic benefits. Industry and other large businesses that are considering moving to Chesterfield will typically choose this end of the county due to interstate and river access.

These large companies also consider quality of life. Does “quality of life” mean schools, or does it include a good inventory of workers?

Public transportation could mean a lot to companies who need labor. Public transportation would travel Jefferson Davis Highway, making a detour or regular stops at Willis Road and its industry, Old Stage Road and its multiple businesses, Rivers Bend Business Park, Meadowville Technology Park and a route down Old Bermuda Hundred Road and businesses there, while making its way to the Walthall Industrial Park.

Look at how many businesses and workers could benefit from a route like that. Express routes like Route 60 and 360 mean nothing to people who already have the ability to drive to work and make their way over here for jobs.

We need public transportation here more than any location in the county.