Hunan is one of the “Eight Great Culinary Traditions” of Chinese cuisines and is well-known for its hot spicy flavor, fresh aroma and deep...

Hunan is one of the “Eight Great Culinary Traditions” of Chinese cuisines and is well-known for its hot spicy flavor, fresh aroma and deep color. Every reason why the most popular dishes at Hunan Garden located in the Chesterfield Meadows Shopping Center West, would be the General Tso’ Chicken and the beef with broccoli. “I think every Chinese restaurant has these dishes but it seems we do it better,” said co-owner, Eric Hou.

Hou and his brother in law Sam, have owned and operated Hunan Garden for 12 years. He said there was a family consideration to get into the restaurant business. A recent graduate from Shanghai Jiaotong University and a Carnegie Mellon admitted scholarship student, it was family and memories from when he was a child and his father was a catering chef in his hometown that brought his family to Chesterfield. “It is a great pleasure to make good food which makes kids happy and grandma smiles,” he said.

Lunch is busy for dine-in customers from county employees and staff from offices nearby. The 1,400 square foot restaurant seats 25. The dinner hour is busy for take-out and delivery.

“The delivery business is very good,” Hou said. “I started a new delivery section to provide more professional and effective services. The team name is Sino2Go. By this we can extend our delivery service areas to about an eight-mile radius. We charge $2 for delivery in the extended areas.” Hunan Garden has six delivery drivers and would like to hire additional drivers. A minimum order of $12 is required. Lunch delivery time takes about 30 to 35 minutes, dinner takes about 40 to 45 minutes.

Hunan Garden also caters and has party trays for any special occasion or event.

Hou said he is more like a manager. Preparing the traditional Chinese cuisine with over 30 years of experience are his brother-in-law, Sam, Chef Li, Hou’s father-in-law, and Cook Williams.
“It has been great to doing business in Chesterfield,” Hou said. “The people are friendly and most important one is, it has best public school systems.” With Hou’s three children and his brother-in-law’s two, Hou said they can take care of their kids well while doing business.

An online review by Jaimie S. of Chester summed it up best. “Hunan Garden is a true gem of a family run Asian restaurant. Simple in appearance, wooden tables and chairs, white table cloth. Big table near the kitchen seems reserved for the younger members of the family quietly focused on their schoolwork, or perhaps a senior member reading their Asian newspaper. It all makes for a lovely setting. A full menu offers many beef, chicken and shrimp entrees. I like the combination meals offered. Chicken with garlic sauce is my favorite, coming with steamed rice, a spring roll, and to start things a delicious cup of hot & sour soup. Everything is tasty. I also recently tried their Crispy Shrimp and it was so good! They give you plenty so come hungry. This is a no frills restaurant run by good people offering fresh, tasty food. Pay them a visit!

Hunan Garden
10340 Ironbridge Rd.
Fax: (804)768-5938
Order Online
Open 7 Days a Week
Sun.-Thurs: 11:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Friday: 11:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m..
Saturday: 4:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.



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