To implore means to beg or ask repeatedly. The issue that I am imploring about seems like a “no-brainer,” but some people obviously have...

To implore means to beg or ask repeatedly. The issue that I am imploring about seems like a “no-brainer,” but some people obviously have to be reminded constantly. The other night, a minor accident on 288 turned into a major accident, when a vehicle careened into the accident scene from the other side of 288. The conditions were extremely hazardous due to ice on the roadway. The first accident was caused by icy conditions and resulted in two vehicles ending up in the median. Though I am not certain of all of the details, an engine, ambulance and state trooper were on the scene. Knowing CF and EMS operations, the engine would have established the block. The problem is that a block is normally not set up on the other side of 288, which looks like the side of the road where a vehicle lost control due to ice. One citizen was killed, a state trooper was seriously injured and a firefighter received minor injuries, in the accident after the accident.

My first question is, did these people need to be on 288, when conditions were this bad? When roads are hazardous, we are all asked to stay off of the roadways. I will admit that some people need to be out, but not everyone has to that chooses to drive. Some people choose to do whatever they want to do, no matter what happens. Some also believe that four-wheel drive works in all conditions, which is not true. I have come to the realization that when bad weather strikes, I need to stay home. I will only go out if an emergency exists, and since retiring, the number of emergencies is significantly less. My statement to all reading this article is, I implore you to stay off of the roads when conditions are hazardous!

There are some that must be out in bad weather. I implore you to drive defensively and much slower than normal. You must increase your distance between other vehicles and realize that you cannot apply your brakes on ice like you do on dry pavement. When you begin to slide, you must take your foot off of the brake and turn the steering wheel in the direction of your slide. You will have no control once you begin to slide. The news reported that the person the other night was traveling too fast for conditions and was charged with wreckless driving. Sadly enough, some people drive with no regard for their safety, the safety of those in their vehicle and definitely no regard for anyone outside of their vehicle.

If you must be out, then I implore you to give emergency workers the widest berth possible. In other words, you need to slow down and move as far to the other side of the road as possible. As interesting as it may seem, you need to stay focused on your driving, getting by the incident as safely as possible. You should have been driving slower, due to conditions, but you need to slow down even more because you do not know where all of the emergency workers are. Many accidents have occurred because people think that they need to see what is going on. You will cause greater problems if you cause an accident because you were distracted. The most dangerous work that public servants perform is when they are working accidents or fires on roadways. Please, please, please help them do their jobs safely, by driving safely.