Hallelujah, March is finally here! As per most years, my winter doldrums vanish the instant the skies turn that Carolina blue and the sun...

Hallelujah, March is finally here! As per most years, my winter doldrums vanish the instant the skies turn that Carolina blue and the sun starts to warm my skin. I love to hear the birds chirping, and my children playing outside. My windows are wide open and so is my heart this time of year. The blooms from the daffodils float in the breeze and the soft whisper of warmer days to come brush your skin. I absolutely can get drunk on spring. March is the light at the end of my dark, dreary, winter tunnel. I adore this month.

The only thing casting a shadow on this beautiful season is the election. I can tell you all that I am frightened. I am terribly afraid of what will become of this country if someone like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz becomes President. The hateful rhetoric that is being spewed, like vile toxins, are permeating human minds, people are voting for these scary men, and it blows my mind. I am fearful for what is to come, what will become of my children, and the world they are growing up in.

I want a world and a country where we are accepting of people of all faiths, of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. This country was built on the backs of immigrants, all of us can say where our ancestors came from, and only a select few can say the United States. That select few, the Native Americans, were horribly slaughtered, their land stolen, and they have suffered terribly ever since. I fear that the same mentality is brewing, take from “them,” the “others,” where does this hate come from and how can so many people feel this way, it must be miserable feeling that much anger.

I see what is happening to our country, and want to run away. We are so divided; we are not united in anything right now. There is no peace here, there is paranoia, fear, racism, culture war, and we have lost our minds. People who I have always respected and thought fondly of are now showing me a side of them that I will not soon forget. How could you, as a thoughtful, loving, kind person, decide to vote for someone who targets other human beings for being different? It makes me question everything that I ever thought about these people. That’s what makes the human race so wonderful, the diversity. We are fast approaching the point of no return, and I pray with all of my heart that we see the error of our ways before it’s too late.

I want you all to think very clearly about what I am saying. Look deep inside yourself, not to the outside world, but inside yourself, and concentrate on what you believe makes this world beautiful. Love, kindness, forgiveness, and redemption, all of these things make the world beautiful. People make the world beautiful, taking care of this earth is no easy task, but it’s up to us to make sure that we elect the right person to lead this country in a direction that is tolerant of everyone, shows compassion and empathy, and wants all Americans to prosper in some way. Think for yourself; do not let the media do it for you. Think on these words and may we all find hope and peace in 2017.