The road to success for Meadowbrook girls’ soccer has been a long one, and it is still an uphill climb. After a winless season...

The road to success for Meadowbrook girls’ soccer has been a long one, and it is still an uphill climb. After a winless season last year, the Monarchs have already picked up two victories – shutting out Huguenot and Dinwiddie.

“Every game is a step in the right direction for us,” said coach Joseph Farrell. “These girls endured some losses in the beginning of the season but never once have given up.”

Success started to smile upon the program under former coach Ernst Chamberlain, who led Meadowbrook to four victories, snapping a losing streak that lasted nearly three seasons. After some talent graduated and there were more growing pains in 2015, Farrell, Chamberlain’s assistant has the Monarchs on a two-game winning streak at press time.



Farrell outlined three components of his team’s early and increased success: first, reviewing videos of games. Not only to see strengths of Meadowbrook’s games, but areas of improvement.

Secondly, Farrell cited the teamwork and chemistry between his midfielders. Third, moving sophomore Monica Ochoa to defense has paid dividends, freeing up Mariela Sanchez to work in the midfield, feeding leading scorer Morgan Douglas.

Last season, Farrell knew he would be taking the reigns as coach. He has carried over Chamberlain’s knack for positivity in some difficult times, but he has started to successfully implement his tactics and style of play. He also credits assistant Colleen Brooke for being ‘amazing with the girls.’

Despite the victories, the team knows that now is no time to rest on the laurels of success. Farrell said his team is focused and feels like they have a chance to win every game, night in and night out.



Along with the annual success of the Meadowbrook boys’ program, a fan group was founded by boys junior varsity coach David Glass called the “Monarch Maniacs.” This group has seen steady growth over past seasons and regularly attends both girls and boys soccer games at the school.

The Meadowbrook girls continue their season hoping to build on the progress and earn the highest seed possible in the Conference 12 tournament. With more growth, they could challenge a higher seed, perhaps even pull an upset. That would be an eye opener for the program.

The goal is that – and more. It appears that Farrell has the attention of his roster of nineteen athletes, including nine seniors.

“If we finish with a strong record and in the right position with seeding, I think we can do that,” Farrell said. “We only hope to continue with the progress we have made.”