This past weekend was beautiful; the azaleas are in full bloom (those that weren’t maimed by the frost), the buttercups are sprouting up everywhere,...

gena's-flowerThis past weekend was beautiful; the azaleas are in full bloom (those that weren’t maimed by the frost), the buttercups are sprouting up everywhere, and pollen is gently falling like late yellow snow. It’s both wonderful and awful at the same time (my eyes have never been so itchy). While we play, and play, and play some more, we enjoy being out in the perfect weather. The sky so blue it makes your heart give a little squeeze, the flowers so vibrant, and the birds singing a chorus just for us. It makes you drunk on contentment.

My darling girl and I have our yearly ritual of welcoming the spring. We go outside on a beautifully warm day and sprawl out in the grass, starfish style. Our arms and legs are stretched out as far as possible, and we turn our faces towards the sun. We are quiet, and we listen to the sounds of the earth. It is truly wonderful to welcome the rebirth of the earth like this. We still ourselves, which is something that I do not do nearly enough. I am constantly on the go, and I am trying to make a conscious effort to slow down, and enjoy the sweet, simple moments with my family. Being still, on my lawn, with my daughter and welcoming this new season is one of my favorite past times (the boy thinks this is “weird” ha-ha).

My darlings (the boy and the girl) have a favorite spot under a huge oak tree. There is a rope swing under this tree; the two of them have worn a path to this spot. I enjoy nothing more than hearing their squeals of joy as they swing back and forth, back and forth. Along our fence, there is a small grove of trees that provide the best little “hidey hole” for the children. My flower and I built fairy houses there this past weekend. We gathered buttercups, twigs, “helicopter leaves,” and azalea blooms. It was the definition of “peaceful” under these trees. She and I worked together quietly, making three beautiful fairy houses. The azalea blooms adding bright bursts of pink, which I know the fairies will appreciate.

I live for this season. The air is soft on your skin, the sun warm on your face, and the sky more blue than the sea. I find it hard to get grumpy during this time of year, even while having sneezing fits to beat the band! I often think that I could live in a perpetual spring, but then I rethink that, because I guarantee if it were readily available at all times, I wouldn’t appreciate it nearly as much as I do now. Spring saves me, the winters are not kind to my thoughts, and spring is a rejuvenation of spirit that I look forward to every year.