As I write this, it is raining, again. I am sitting in my comfy clothes (i.e. yoga pants and a stain spattered button-up) drinking...

As I write this, it is raining, again. I am sitting in my comfy clothes (i.e. yoga pants and a stain spattered button-up) drinking my “digestive tea” as “House Hunters” plays in the background. It is cozy, it is peaceful, but if we have to deal with any more rain this spring I will scream.

Rainy days are lovable in moderation. If the sun is shining I absolutely feel that I must be out doing something. Whether that means working in the yard, tending to the chickens and the gardens, or running errands, I ultimately feel like I have to be productive on a sunny day. This is why I love the occasional rainy, dark, gray day. I feel as if these dreary days give me permission to be lazy. I put my hair in a bun on top of my head, throw on my “yucky” yet very comfortable clothes, and spend the day watching Bravo, reading, and drinking endless amounts of tea. It is glorious until you get a month where it rains 25 out of 31 days.

The rain and chill that we have experienced here in Virginia this last month has been record-breaking, and after the first few “cozy” days, unbearable. I am greatly affected by the weather; the gloomier it is outside, the stronger the storm rages in my mind. I get grumpy, moody, irritable, and sad. It is really kind of awful, especially for the people who live with me.

Thankfully, we just acquired a new kitten. This little ball of fury has provided hours of entertainment as he torments the dog, attacks anything that moves, and cuddles with us on the couch. Indigo Moonwatcher Lashley arrived in our home three weeks ago, right smack in the middle of our gloomy spring. He perked us all right up. How can you be in a bad mood when you see this adorable little ball of fur stalking the 60-pound Lab that also occupies our home (Tuck)? The poor dog is beside himself. He tries everything he can to rid himself of this menace, from hiding in his crate (which Indigo “Indie” has no qualms about entering), to trying to ignore the little demon. Nothing works; if Tuck is in his crate, the kitten is either in there with him or outside of the crate swatting poor Tuck’s tail through the openings. It is truly a love-hate relationship. I say this because when they are both sleeping together on the couch, it truly is a sweet sight to behold. I think that as time goes on they will be great friends.

Thank goodness for this distraction from the apocalyptic rain that is pouring outside of my window this very minute. If we cannot play outside in the sunshine, then at least we can watch the sweet girl torment the kitten (she puts him in the stroller; he is her baby) while her brother tries to rescue him, only to have the kitten get loose and traumatize the dog. It is a zoo around here, but it sure beats drowning in melancholy any day!