Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. As of this writing they have finished the first of three presidential debates….and...

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. As of this writing they have finished the first of three presidential debates….and the world kept on turning without missing a step.

Now of course we have two more presidential debates and a Vice President debate [yawn!] to get through…but I suspect we will survive those as well. The debate went pretty much as I suspected it would. Hillary was well prepared as any lawyer would be…standing straight and stiff….reciting memorized lines with a slight amused smile, while Trump…came in pretty much unprepared…shooting from the hip and foot…along with that sniffling microphone. OH MY..make it stop already! Then there was the moderator…who really was not a moderator in the sense of the word…he was more like a tag-team partner for Hillary. Not sure why they need a moderator. Have the questions fed into a computer…random drawing of questions will be posted on a big screen…each candidate can discuss their appointed topic for their allotted time and when that time expires so does their microphone.

Keeps it fair…unbiased …and on schedule. Probably no more likely to happen than having Major League Baseball adopt lasers to determine if a pitched baseball is a strike or ball. Anyway..I don’t think I have ever seen debates so biased on personal characterizations versus focusing on the major issues of the day. Nobody is perfect…and some of these things that are brought up are from 20-30 years ago. Crazy stuff! I had a friend of mine submit that I should run for president; I told him there is no way I would want to go under that kind of knife, and besides, most of the time the narratives are only partially true, and by the time the true story fully emerges it is too late. As the old saying goes “Once you are splattered with tar it is hard to get off.” For example, let’s go into the future a bit. I am in a major televised debate …and my opponent is speaking…” And furthermore…my opponent is unfit to run for office because he has beaten women to the point they need medical attention.” Me with big eyes, neck snapping around..”Say what…when…where!?” Now this does have a grain …just a grain of truth to it. When I was in the second grade…we were sitting on the bus waiting for the rest of the classes to let out [at the time we had all 12 grades in one building]..and this little first-grade girl, who was sitting in the seat in front of me was playing around, and for some reason she thought it was funny to try and hit me with her reading book. Now this was just fun and games..she was laughing as she tried to hit me…I was laughing as I fended off the soft blows. I grabbed her wrist…and pushed her hand [the one with the book] back over the top of her head so she could not hit me. Now being silly she just kept hitting herself on the head and in turn I was egging her on, telling her how silly it was that she was hitting herself. We were still giggling and laughing……until she sprung a nosebleed. So we had to get off the bus… the nurse quickly got her nose to stop bleeding…the teacher after hearing our stories determined there was no foul or harm [probably in today’s world they would have called the cops]…and she took us home since we both missed the bus. So you can see that there is a wide gap between “beating women..medical attention”… and “a couple of little kids playing around and a nosebleed.” However, in today’s media-fed world…the tar would be flying everywhere…and getting it off would be dang near impossible.

That is enough for today. As always, be good, do good, play safe, and remember that in most cases there is someone behind the big green curtain.