Thank you for remembering To the Editors: In several of your recently issues, you have run articles regarding our local military members. I just...

Thank you for remembering

To the Editors:
In several of your recently issues, you have run articles regarding our local military members. I just wanted to thank you for printing articles that are well-written and very respectful of these deceased military and their families. Hope to see more of them.

(Mrs.) Chris Watson

My peaceful emotional response

To the Editor:

This presidential campaign has become very emotional, as attested to by Gena Lashley’s article last week. I have heard people I know to be good and intelligent spout venom about Mr. Trump because of something they heard on the news. If they had looked into the situation, they would have found that the news media had left out pertinent facts that may have changed their minds.
I witnessed this myself. I watched the Republican convention on two televisions–one set to C-Span and one set to PBS. I watched them both at the same time. C-Span treated their audience as adults and showed the whole convention with NO interruptions. PBS left complete speeches out from Black and Hispanic Americans, police officials, small business owners, soldiers who actually served in Benghazi, black and Hispanic employees of Mr. Trump, and others – all who supported Donald Trump. Instead they showed a forum of Hillary Clinton supporters putting forth their views.

People say they cannot vote for Trump because of his words concerning women. I’ve personally heard similar words from men and boys when they think no one else hears. Let’s be honest, women in groups can say inappropriate things about men. I’m not condoning his words, but I can use some common sense. However, I find it very hypocritical of Democratic voters over 40 who give this opinion when they voted for Bill Clinton, who did much more than use words! I won’t discuss his deviant behavior with a teenager in the Oval Office.(this is public record for those under 40). Knowing her husband, a smart Hillary Clinton went after her husband’s victims tooth and nail as her young daughter took it all in as children tend to do. Ms. Clinton says she is a proponent on women and children. Those are WORDS.

Two things bother me about this election–(1) the media who give some of the news but not all of the news, and (2) the public that believes without checking for the complete story. I also have questions that no one is asking and, of course, not answering. If Ms. Clinton’s rich friends want to pay more taxes as she so often says, why don’t they? Do people realize Ms. Clinton gave away national security secrets again during the last debate? (Statement made by a Pentagon official) Why is Ms. Clinton not in jail as you or I would be if we had not immediately complied with the FBI? Would you care if the FBI (not the press) saw your e-mails to friends or discussions about your child’s wedding? Is that the real reason she had to delete thousands of e-mails and to have lawyers go through them? Really? What was she afraid the FBI would see? And, lastly, why doesn’t that matter to people? Why does she get a pass?

Vote your choice in this election and I support that and am not worried about thinking any differently about you if you disagree with me. However, make an informed vote. Don’t let the media or others be your Pied Piper!

Barbara Welchel

Thank you for the entertainment

My wife and I were visiting your delightful town of Chester when we stopped for a fine meal at Howlett’s Restaurant and Tavern. We happened to pick up a copy of your Village News of Oct. 19. We practically fell out of chairs in laughter reading the clever Your Life article on page 5. It is a perfect parody of the Hillary Clinton campaign narrative: when you cannot address the issues in your campaign, just direct the attention to superficial and creative ad hominem attacks on your opponent.

The writer did a credible job of following the campaign narrative of not addressing any of the issues which matter to the future of the republic: the economy, domestic and international terrorism, freedom of religion and sanctity of life, protecting domestic industry and jobs, improving education for jobs of the future, respect for law and order, including laws on immigration, protecting national security information, and influence peddling by public officials, just to name a few issues.

Thank you for the immense entertainment while we were waiting for our order. You can be assured we will read your newspaper when we return to your town. You can also be assured we will vote intelligently and more confidently now.

Lawrence Cogut
Alexandria Va.

In Response to Gena Lashley’s Article: Trump-tastrophe
Gena, I am also disappointed over the words of Donald Trump about what he likes to do to women. But, I’m much more disappointed over the number of times famous rap artists like Jay Z have been invited to perform in the White House. The words to their music are far more degrading to women than anything I’ve heard Donald Trump say. Obviously, that language is approved by the Obamas, but abhorrent when a Republican uses it.

I am also disappointed that a presidential candidate would refer to me or any other U.S. citizen as one who could be put into a basket of deplorables, calling us racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic. We are actually law-abiding citizens who work and pay taxes, tithe in our churches, serve in the military, raise children with manners and teach them to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and put their hands over their heart when the national anthem is played.

Gena, I am a senior citizen, but if I was your age with a young family, I would be praying for a president who loves America and its exceptionalism and its freedom. I would be praying for the families of the men and women who gave their lives to protect it. I would pray that our next president would commit to making sure those veterans receive the medical attention they need without having to wait for weeks or months, sometimes never receiving it, and one who would appoint someone in charge of the Veterans Administration who understands the need for expedient care.
I would want that president to be interested in my family’s welfare and safety as much as for their own. I would want that person to have a vision for law and order. Hundreds of thousands of people are coming into this country, and it’s simply not humanly possible to know who they are and what their intentions are.

I would pray for a president who believes in our Constitution and swear with their hand on a Bible to uphold the constitution. I would pray that they would surround themselves with men and women who also believe in protecting the Constitution.

I pray that you and every American would remember that this great country is like no other in the world. We may have flaws, but because of our Constitution, we are free!
I cannot give you the birthday gift you desire.

Virginia Levy