Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of Dogpound football. Some time ago I predicted that this little side show where players kneeled...

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of Dogpound football. Some time ago I predicted that this little side show where players kneeled on one knee during the playing of the national anthem would expand to other areas…and as usual [pat on the back] the Pack was dead on. Just recently another football player decided he was going to “sit” to protest the election of Trump as president. [Guess he will be sitting a long time…like years.] So I present the following look into the near future of pre-game football. “Well Sam, it is another beautiful Sunday afternoon for football as they prepare to unfurl the flag and sing the national anthem.” “You are so correct Paul, and here comes the flag. What an amazing sight. That flag covers the entire length of the football field and it is held in place by service men and women from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. At one time selected football players would also assist in the unfurling of the flag but the union stepped in and said the players were only there to play football.” “OK Paul…thanks for that historical update but now, while the national anthem is playing, we need to turn our attention and binoculars to the side-lines to see what the players are up to.” “OK Sam…let’s see….I see number No. 28 and No. 34 are assuming the standard ‘one knee kneel’ protesting the treatment of minorities. Then over there I see No. 43, No. 29, and No. 31 are sitting on the bench to protest the president for being our president, and No. 18 is sitting with one leg extended….whoops…that is just a leg cramp. My bad!” “ Right Paul…and on the other side of the field I see No. 12 has his hand on his back-side. What does that mean Paul?” “Let’s see.” Paul nodded as he fingered through the new NFL handbook on football players approved positions. “ OK…here it is on page 10….this position is a protest on the new tax that was recently passed adding a 5 percent surcharge on every million dollars someone makes. So he is protecting his billfold…if his football pants had any pockets.” “I get it Paul..makes sense. That is the quarterback. He just signed a twenty million dollar contract; no wonder he is protesting, he has a lot to protect.” “What else is there to see? Oh…look Paul…there on the bench…is it…yes it is….the entire offensive line is standing on the bench.” “What are they protesting Paul?” “Ahhh..here it is on page 14….they are protesting the protesters. They are standing on the bench to show they are united above the issues.” “Well Paul.” Sam chuckling, “They are no longer above the protesters, their combined weight just collapsed the bench. Good thing they were wearing their helmets.” “ I see that Sam. That is what you call a real pile-up!” “And speaking of funny… No. 10 is in a yoga position….and per the handbook that is the downward dog position. It says here that he is protesting the local dog catcher for cruelty to animals.” “Anything else Sam…the music is about to end? “ “I think so….whoa…wait…I see something at the far end of field. It looks like four, no, five players are kneeling…on both knees…it…..it looks like they are…. praying! Yes! They are praying?! Is that even allowed?!” We fade into a commercial.

Our little trip into the future has ended, and the way things are going it may not be that far off.
Got to sign off so I can get ready for the big football game Thanksgiving weekend. My Buckeyes take on the team from the North, and it is shaping up as a major event. As always be good, do good, play safe and remember sports should be played as a sport.