Matoaca Boys Yousef Hatter In a tough Conference 12, the boys at Matoaca fought their way to a .500 record (12-12). After losing to...

Matoaca Boys

Yousef Hatter

In a tough Conference 12, the boys at Matoaca fought their way to a .500 record (12-12). After losing to Varina in the Conference 12 first round, the Warriors are aiming even higher this year. They look for their speed and athleticism to help them overcome the inexperience on the team. With two staring freshman on the team, coach Michael Knight must rely on his two senior starters to be the leaders on and off the court.

Projected Starting Five
G Kaleb Coleman, Freshman, 5-11
G Tyreek Carter, Senior, 5-10
F Terrance Whitfield, Senior, 6-3
F Shawn Kindred, Freshman, 6-2
C Tyrese Tingle, Sophomore, 6-6

Top player: Terrance Whitfield

Terrance Whitfield driving

Terrance Whitfield driving

is one of only two senior starters for the Warriors. His size, speed, and versatility help the team in all aspects of the game. Whitfield led the Warriors in scoring last year, averaging 19 points per game and also recording nine rebounds per game. The Warriors look for Whitfield to be a key component in the offense, placing him in a similar role to last year.

Backcourt: One of two returning starters Tyreek Carter, alongside freshman guard Kaleb Coleman, look to stay consistent throughout the season. Carter’s experience will help guide an inexperienced Coleman’s development. It will be Coleman’s progress throughout the season is key for this backcourt’s t success.

Frontcourt: This year’s Warriors frontcourt lacks size and experience, but they have all the potential they need in order to be effective. Shawn Kindred (6-2) and Tyrese Tingle (6-6) are hoping to step in and make immediate impact and help this team climb to the top of the conference.

Keys to Success: Considering their lack of size, rebounding is key for the Warriors this year. Secondarily, perimeter play on offense is what Coach Knight believes this team needs in order to succeed.

Prognosis: Coach Knight doesn’t measure success in wins and losses. Rather, he measures success in his players and the team as a whole being better than they are at the start of the season, which will ultimately bring in wins. This team has to stay well-rounded and physical throughout the season if they want to be one of the top teams in the conference.


Matoaca Girls

Yousef Hatter

After posting a 13-8 record and losing to L.C. Bird in the Conference 12 semifinals with a score of 62-55, the Matoaca girls are excited about starting off the new season. Veteran coach Glenna Lewis has high hopes for her team, although the Warriors are in a tough, competitive conference.

Projected Starters:
G Deven Irby, Senior, 5-4
G Brielle Kittrell, Junior, 5-4
G Nadja Gray, Sophomore, 5-5
G Ayanna Scarborough, Junior, 5-8

Top Players: Scarborough is the best scorer that the Warriors have to offer, averaging about 20 points per game last season. As well as her scoring, she has a complete all-around game.

Devin Irby

Devin Irby

To compliment her athleticism, her aggressive play separates her from the rest. Scarborough has the talent to play at the next level, but this year, her first priority is to help her team win.

Personnel: Along with Scarborough; Irby, Kittrell and Gray all will also be big contributors this season. Lewis said that they are strong and tough and have a good basketball IQs which will help them in the long run. Every single one of them can handle the ball and shoot, so there is no clear difference between the backcourt and the frontcourt, according to Lewis. Having players who are limited in experience could potentially hurt the team, but with hard work and building team chemistry, the Warriors have the pieces in place.

Keys to Success: Strong play and consistency is what the Warriors need in order to have a successful season. With a group of girls that work hard every day in practice and in games, this shouldn’t be a topic of worry for Lewis. Playing hard on the defensive end will dictate how the season will go for the Warriors.

Prognosis: Lewis believes that they should repeat last year’s record, if not pull off an even better record. Making it past the conference semifinals to the conference championship is ultimately the goal for the Warriors this season. If the Warriors can find their identity early on and get hot at the right time, that goal shouldn’t be too far out of reach.