On January 21, my mother and I went to the Women’s March on Washington. Our arrival was smooth; we parked, jumped on the Metro,...

On January 21, my mother and I went to the Women’s March on Washington. Our arrival was smooth; we parked, jumped on the Metro, and made our way to the district. The atmosphere was rather jolly on the Metro, even at 6 a.m. Women from all over our country had come to stand up for Women’s Rights; our rights over our bodies, our salaries, and our equality in this country. It was amazing to see so many men, women, and children descending upon Washington, D.C., and a beautiful example of our wonderful democracy.

As I have stated in previous pieces, the election results astounded me, and I was having a hard time processing the outcome. As the shock has worn off, and I have spoken to some sane supporters of our current president, I realized that many people who voted for Mr. Trump did so because they felt desperate for a change from the status quo. Life wasn’t working for them the way it was currently going, and they put their hopes into a man who was not part of the “status quo.” I get that, I understand that, and I can tell you that these specific people are not hateful. The most obnoxious, loud, hateful voices always get the attention, not the concerned, normal, day-to-day Americans who didn’t know what else to do.

What frustrates me is hearing lies “alternative facts” and witnessing the signing of executive orders that terrify me. I hear the most outrageous things coming out of the mouths of the people running our country, and what is equally terrifying is that people believe them. This blind faith in Fox News and the new administration is nothing short of pathetic and frightening beyond my comprehension. I tell my children daily, and this truth is far more important right now than ever, do not ever let anyone tell you that what you see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears is not true. This administration has declared war against the press (the better to control you), the propaganda

Machine is running at full speed. fear, fear, fear! Fear the Hispanic and let us use your tax dollars to build a ridiculous wall (please refer to the Berlin Wall and how that did not work), fear the Muslim and let’s ban all travel from specific Middle Eastern countries but definitely not the countries where Trump has a business interest. Fear the “liberal,” fear the black man, drugs, carnage, murder etc. Do you live in this “carnage” of an America? I certainly do not; I live in an America that is full of diversity, all of us descended from immigrants from other countries, I live in an America where your neighbor is there to help, where your community comes together to support one another. Where has patriotism gone? We are proud to be Americans, not cowering in fear, yet this is what this administration is trying to do: divide and conquer.

The Women’s March showed me the beauty of our country. I have never in my life been in a crowd as large as the one in DC last Saturday. While it was overwhelming, it was so peaceful. There was no ugliness, people helped one another, we all came together for the same purpose and it was astounding. Five hundred thousand men, women, and children and not a single issue. Everyone was so helpful, the police were phenomenally helpful and patient, the Metro workers cheered us on; it was a wonderful example of unity and the American spirit.

Instead of writing me hateful letters telling me I need Jesus (just to give those of you concerned about where I will spend eternity some peace of mind, I do know Jesus, I admire Him, and I strive to live a life He would approve of), instead of sending anonymous packages in the mail (I do want to thank the person who sent me the coloring book with Mental Health’s phone number; I just wish you had more courage and put your name on it). I ask that you start questioning everything. Question the administration; question the news, question “facts” people spew.

Question and check the facts; do not be blindly led. This country was built on “liberty and justice for all,” for all, not for some, not for those that you think are morally acceptable, for all. Remember that we live in a free country, at the moment. We must protect our freedom, and the best way to do that is to resist this administration, resist hate, resist fear, and to question everything.