I don’t even know where to begin today. We are in crisis, folks, severe, unrelenting crisis. We have had yet another mass shooting, our...

I don’t even know where to begin today. We are in crisis, folks,

severe, unrelenting crisis. We have had yet another mass shooting,

our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico are dying without access to

food, water, and electricity, we are on the brink of war with North

Korea, and all people can focus on is people kneeling during the

national anthem. We are falling apart at the seams, and there is no

one who will save us.

I am overwhelmed with the destruction of our country and the rate

of speed at which it is happening. Environmental protections, who

needs them? Birth control, who needs it? Gun regulations, it’s

people, not guns that kill people, right? White supremacists

marching down our Charlottesville streets with torches that’s ok?

Black brothers and sisters being tormented, oppressed, and killed,

not our problem? The news media trying to report on FACTS, it’s

fake news, right? I feel as if we are living in the twilight zone, one

much more dangerous than I ever imagined.

We are in a place where the earth doesn’t matter, but profit does.

How do we live if we have no clean water to drink? I don’t want

factories to be able to dump waste into my drinking water, do you?

Women should have access to affordable birth control. Women have

the right to choose whether they wish to have children or not; it’s

not your decision to make for them. We need gun regulations NOW.

We have created a culture where mass shootings no longer faze us.

WE have done this to ourselves. No one is trying to take guns away;

it just needs to be a little harder to buy a gun. Not everyone should

have the privilege of owning one. It’s literally harder to buy Sudafed

from Walmart than it is to buy a gun there. That is plain ridiculous

and very frightening. Why are we not condemning the white

supremacists who march confidently down the street shouting

“They will not replace us;” they have no place in our society. By

standing by quietly you might as well be marching with them. I have

no time for any human who thinks that they are worth more than

other humans at all.

Let’s talk about race now, because that is really the heart of the

kneeling issue. Players who do not stand during the national

anthem are in NO WAY disrespecting the flag. It’s that simple. They

are protesting violence against blacks in this country, end of story.

Police shootings, racial profiling, oppression, white supremacists;

all of this and more is at the heart of the kneeling. In America, the

one that I lived in until recently, we had the right to peacefully

protest. Kneeling is peacefully protesting. They are not marching

with torches and shouting obscenities like the white supremacists in

Charlottesville, but again, I guess that form of protest is okay

because it’s white men.

If you can’t tell, I’m beyond angry. Things are turning so quickly for

the worse that my head is spinning. For those of you who are about

to bust a blood vessel reading this, you are part of the problem. This

world needs humanity now more than ever; take a good look at

yourself in the mirror. If you feel as if ANYONE is “less than” you,

due to race, educational background, socio-economic background,

etc. then you need to get right with Jesus, God, the Universe,

Mother Earth, or whomever it is you choose to please, because until

you do, this will only get worse.