To the Editor There was a revolution prior to ours in 1776. It was the one that put King William and Queen Mary on...

To the Editor
There was a revolution prior to ours in 1776. It was the one that put King William and Queen Mary on the throne of England and forced John II to flee England. It was during this revolution that the ember was created one that was transferred here to America and started the fire of liberty.

In this revolution, there were three factions and three issues. But it was one faction and one issue that made up that ember. One group stood up against the belief of the divine right of kings to rule. John Locke, as a member of that group wrote his “Two Treatries on Government” to support their positions. In the first, he argued against that belief and then in the second he asked and answered the question, if not by divine right, then by what right does one man rule over another?

Some would argue that is by the consent of the majority, but this is a lie. As John Locke stated, the only purpose of government is to protect us against those who violate our right to life, liberty, and property, so that we can pursue happiness, or as he called it, waging war against their fellow man. For that reason only, the protection of the minority against the abuses of the majority or the powerful, do you select servants to serve you in government.

Today, we have “representatives” in government at all levels who believe they have a right to our property and labor to support their vision, and they put unelected individuals over us to make decisions that they believe is in our best interest.

They then go further and lie and hide from us what they are doing so that we cannot be informed citizens and challenge their rule. This Mega site is a prime example of that.

A group of unelected individuals have decided that it is in the best interest of all that you should pay the price for their vision. A group put in place by our elected servants to do the things they themselves cannot and should not be able to do.

Then when you ask questions, what you get is lies, misinformation, and the obfuscation of facts. They are waging the type of war that John Locke talked about against us today, and we need to stand up and let them know that now is the time it stops.
As Harvard President Samuel Langdon said in 1775 when addressing the Massachusetts Provincial Congress in his message Government Corrupted by Vice. “If the servants of the public forget their duty, betray their trust and sell their country, or make war against the most valuable rights and privileges of the people … they should be discarded, and others appointed in their room.”

So who are the servants of the public? In this case, it is the members of the BOS. What is their duty they are forgetting? Protecting the right to property of the people, that which we earn by the sweat of our brows or by the power of our ideas so we can pursue our happiness. By doing this and selling our county out to satisfy their own vices, they are “waging war” on the most valuable rights and privileges of the citizenry.

Freddy Boisseau