Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. The good news is that we are now in the month of March...

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. The good news is that we are now in the month of March and closer to spring than ever before…come on spring! I am so tired of cold, yucky weather. Even if it is cold out or there is snow on the ground…everything is made better when the sun is shining full-force on my face. One thing I do not like on my face is the pressure caused by sinus inflammation. About this time of the year, my sinuses decide to let me know that they are around. The other night. I woke up in the middle of the night…my stomach was rumbling a bit so I decided to get up and walk it off…and whoa…that was a mistake. The second I got upright, my whole head felt like somebody was beating on my head from the inside. After a while I felt better; however, when I laid down it came right back…especially when I laid on my side…finding comfort only by laying on my back with a pillow under my legs. I used to have a humidifier — the one where you can add menthol — but I threw it away last year when I did my spring house cleaning. I had not used it for years, so now I need to buy a new one. I got one at the store and proceeded to fill it with water, however, there was one problem …the water came pouring out of the bottom. Further investigation and a quick peek at the manual, showed that I had to put water in the through the bottom of the plastic bubble, not through the top vent. OK lesson learned. Don’t throw out your old stuff because you may need it in a few years. LOL Speaking of buying, I came across this latest item from Kohler: an internet connected toilet capable of responding to voice commands via Alexa or Siri. It has all kinds of features…seat temperature…clean cycle [both you and the bowl…no kidding]…ambience lighting…air temperature….even has built-in speakers so you can hear your favorite songs while you are doing…well you know what you are doing. For only $7,500, you can have the pleasure of doing this: “Alexa, I am about finished with supper…warm up the toilet seat for me.”

“Don’t squander your time, for that is the stuff life is made of.” Ben Franklin

A friend always seemed to lean slightly to the left. It bothered me, so I suggested that he see a doctor and have his legs checked out. For years, he refused, telling me I was crazy, but last week, he finally went. Sure enough, the doctor discovered his left leg was a half -inch shorter than his right. A bit of orthopedic surgery later, both legs are exactly the same length now, and he no longer leans.  “So,” I said, “you didn’t believe me when I told you a doctor could fix your leg.”  He just looked at me and said, “I stand corrected.”

A blind man was walking down the street with his dog. They stopped at the corner to wait for the passing traffic. The dog, at this point, started peeing on the man’s leg. As the dog finished the man reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a doggie treat and started waving it at the dog. A passerby saw all the events happening and was shocked. He approached the blind man and asked how he could possibly reward the dog for such a nasty deed. The blind man replied, “Oh, I’m not rewarding him. I’m just trying to find his head so I can smack him.”
That is all I have for today. As always be good, do good, play safe and remember the number of minutes in a day never change…so make good use of each one of them. JR