‘Mama B’ is the new principal at L.C. Bird ‘Mama B’ is the new principal at L.C. Bird
When Adrienne Blanton wrote a paper in seventh grade on wanting to be a sixth-grade math teacher, she had no idea her educational journey... ‘Mama B’ is the new principal at L.C. Bird

When Adrienne Blanton wrote a paper in seventh grade on wanting to be a sixth-grade math teacher, she had no idea her educational journey would lead to her being a high school principal.

Blanton, who replaces Laura Hebert, is only the sixth principal at the school since 1978.

Blanton majored in math at Longwood University. She taught sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade math for 12 years at Salem Church Middle School, and was named the school’s teacher of the year in 2008. She went on to be dean of students at Bird for three years, assistant principal for six and associate principal for one.
Chesterfield school board chair John Erbach lauded Blanton.

“[She] has been a constant fixture at L.C. Bird for many years, having established strong relationships with the faculty while engaging students daily,” Erbach said. “She’s a perfect fit to lead the school for years to come. L.C. Bird is in good hands…”

Blanton said she cried when she received the call, and is excited to get to stay at Bird.

“I am a Skyhawk through and through right down to the very heart of who I am,” she said. “I think what we do here is really special. I’m very attached to the families and the community, and I believe in all our kids and what they’re capable of.”

Blanton said her math teacher inspired her to become a teacher. She wanted to share her love and passion for math with kids and make a difference in their lives.

She did not intend to become a principal, but after she became the math department chair at Salem Church Middle, she enjoyed leading the faculty with new initiatives and ideas.

One of her biggest goals is to help students feel valued and see their potential, which she hopes to accomplish through building relationships and having someone to go to for support.

One of the issues that she has to take on this school year is new start times. In February, the school board voted to approve new school start times. L.C. Bird students will attend school from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Though she is worried about some parents dropping their children off early and what they will do during that time, she said staff is trying to come up with “early bird” ideas like intramural sports or remediation opportunities.

Blanton said she can see herself staying at Bird for many years and hopes to be there until she retires.

“I feel like I’m dearly loved here,” She said. “They call me Mama B, so I think they’re excited to see me, [and] I’m excited to see them as their principal.”

  • Wendy Kuerbitz

    August 8, 2018 #1 Author

    Congratulations! Your passion for the school and students is admirable.
    Thank you,
    L. C. Bird alumni 1980


  • Former student and boot buddy

    August 8, 2018 #2 Author

    Omg, Congrats.


  • Advocate Kandise Lucas

    August 9, 2018 #3 Author

    Ms. Blanton was the Assistant Principal that violated the civil rights of an African-American male student with disabilities last year. She has no idea about the needs of students with disabilities.


  • George Berry

    August 9, 2018 #4 Author

    Congrats Mrs. Blanton. Looking forward to a great year.


  • Tracey Coles

    August 11, 2018 #5 Author

    Congratulations!!! Love Mrs. Blanton! “A constant fixture at L.C. Bird” is an understatement. She is the most caring and objective administrator I have ever encountered, and no one is more deserving of this position! She was there for both of my boys Brendan and George, and I know she will continue to do great things for the Skyhawk family! #Skyhawks4Lyfe


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