Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. So have you finished eating all of your turkey? Me neither, but I...

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. So have you finished eating all of your turkey? Me neither, but I am closing in on the final meal. I cooked my turkey on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and the following Monday night I had the typical Thanksgiving meal along with a glass of wine and a piece of cherry pie with ice cream. Tuesday I decided to change things up a bit and made a turkey casserole. I had chicken rice mix left-over in the cupboard, so I put shredded turkey in the bottom of a dish, covered it with the rice mixture, and on top of that I added Stove Top stuffing. After 15 minutes in the oven, I ate that along with more of the left-over steamed veggies. Not bad, but definitely not a home-run. Wednesday was a repeat of the left-overs from Tuesday night. For Thursday night, I got a bag of broccoli and cheddar soup mix made by Bear Creak [they make very good soup just from water]. Recipe: bring eight cups of water to boil, stir in the mix, simmer for 10 minutes and it is ready. I shredded some turkey, heated it up in the microwave, put it in the bottom of my bowl and poured the hot soup mixture over the turkey. Now that was good eating. Friday night was taco night. I mean, if they can have fish tacos, then there is nothing wrong with a turkey taco. One nice thing about tacos, you no longer can taste the turkey. After cooking it in the taco mix, and covering it with salsa, hot sauce, lettuce and cheese, you could be eating dirt and not be able to tell the difference. I was out of town Saturday, but Sunday night I returned to the traditional meal for one last time. Next will be a few sandwiches of cold turkey with mayonnaise, and whatever turkey that happens to be left over will wind up in the trash-bin. I really did make a committed effort but, to be honest, there is only so much turkey one person can eat, and besides, Christmas is less than a month away. Got to give my poor stomach a chance to regroup!

“You know you have had too much to eat for Thanksgiving dinner when you slump down into a bean bag and realize you don’t own a bean bag.” – Dogpound Wisdom

Overheard: “I have been diagnosed with that condition you get from eating too much junk food. Toxic waist.”

Overheard: “I have a soft spot for new born babies. My other soft spots are from eating too much.”

Overheard: “Of course, I ate a lot of vegetables for Thanksgiving: pumpkin pie, carrot cake and Zucchini bread.”

Overheard: “Yea, I think I ate too much during the holidays. It is pretty sad when you have to let your bathrobe out!”

That is a wrap for today. As always, be good, do good, play safe and remember, we are what we eat…so be careful.

– JR