Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. As I mentioned in my last article, I did some traveling by plane...

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.

As I mentioned in my last article, I did some traveling by plane to visit my daughters over the holidays.

As you know, you are not allowed to board the plane when you want to; you must follow a very precise process which starts with a loading number that is assigned to your ticket. The flight I was on had nine levels, of which 1-5 were considered “special” loading. This generally represents first class, military, silver class members, etc. Then they get to the final numbers 6 to 9.

Of course, I was in round 9 and was kind of surprised that I was in the last seat in the back of the plane. I would guess that they would want to load the last remaining passengers from the back to the front, which would minimize how many passengers on the aisle seats have to dodge baggage and flying hips.

Then on my return flight, I was again assigned boarding pass number 9 and my seat was square in the middle of the plane. I am not sure how they make the boarding selections, unless the last boarding is reserved for the passengers who fly the least, like me. Sad face!

Speaking of sad faces, my car was totaled by my insurance company, and they offered me “x” dollars as compensation. To get my money, all I had to do was give them my title, and they, in turn, would give me my check. I had to get my copy from the DMV, and per the Internet, I just had to present my license, registration and $15 and I could get a copy of the title. All was good as the nice lady took all my information and clicked away on the computer, and then it went south when she asked me if I had paid off the loan on the car. I bought this car in 2004, and it was paid off in the 2005-2006 time frame. Some 12 years later I am supposed to be able to show proof it was paid off? Yikes! The only information they could tell me was that the loan was issued through Chase bank. I went home and pulled out all my tax files for those years, and I could not find that note, but I did happen to find the loan number. It was a good thing I did because I had to go through 21 questions from the bank before they would agree to send me a copy. So several weeks later, I took my copy to the DMV, the lady is happy, and I am told that if I want a speed title (2-3 business days), it will cost me just another $25 on top of the $15 fee. Of course, I paid up, no telling how long “normal” would take.

“May your dreams defy the laws of gravity.” – H. Jackson Brown

A minister was called away unexpectedly by the illness of a close family member. He entrusted his new assistant with filling the pulpit. The pastor’s wife stayed home. When he returned, the pastor asked his wife what she thought of the young man’s sermon. “The poorest I’ve ever heard,” she said. “There was nothing in it, nothing at all. It didn’t even make sense. It was very unorganized. I was disappointed.” Later that day, the concerned minister met his assistant and asked him, “How’d the Sunday service and sermon go? Did all go well? How did you manage?” “All went very well, sir, absolutely wonderful,” he said. “I didn’t have time to prepare a new sermon of my own on such short notice, so I got on your computer and pulled up one of your old sermons from last year.”

That is all I got. As always, be good, do good, play safe, and remember: it is hard to soar like an eagle when your feet are firmly planted on the ground.

– JR