Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. I had some overnight business to attend to, and on my way back...

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.

I had some overnight business to attend to, and on my way back I stopped at a McDonald’s to pick up some breakfast for the long drive home. I went in and got in line behind a young man who was gazing at the menu options while he waited for an employee to come to the cash register. Suddenly, he turned around and left. My immediate thought was that he was going to ask his wife what she wanted, so I waited a few seconds for his return. I did not want to look like I was cutting in line. After several seconds, he did not come back, so I looked over my shoulder to see if could find him. I saw him standing in front of a board, along with three other folks who were poking it with their fingers. Then it dawned on me that these were kiosks, and they were ordering their meal. I felt kind of foolish standing there having no idea how to perform this function, when, to my relief, the store manager came over. I told her I had no idea how to use the new ordering process, and asked if I could order the old-fashioned way. She took pity on me and took my order, thank goodness, or otherwise I would have had to go back outside and go through the drive-through. I know how to do that!! LOL

“Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.”
– Jon Rohm

Two blondes were to meet at the mall to go shopping, but one arrived an hour late. “Why are you so late?” the first blonde asked. “Oh, it was terrible. I was on the mall escalator when it came to a complete halt. I stood there for almost an hour while they fixed it,” the second blonde replied. “You stood on that escalator for an hour while they fixed it?” the first blonde asked with a hint of unbelief. “Yes, of course. What else could I do?” “ Well, you silly girl. Why didn’t you sit down?”
A man was on a beach when he discovered an old lamp in the sand. He rubbed it, and a genie popped out. The genie said, “I will grant you three wishes. The only condition is that you cannot wish for more wishes.” “Alright,” said the man, “I wish for more genies.”
A couple was celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Their domestic tranquility had long been the talk of the town. A local newspaper reporter was inquiring as to the secret of their long happy marriage. “Well, it dates back to our honeymoon,” the husband said. “We visited the Grand Canyon and took a trip down to the bottom by pack mule. We hadn’t gone too far when my wife’s mule stumbled. My wife quietly said, ‘That’s once.’ We proceeded a little farther when the mule stumbled again. Once more my wife quietly said, ‘That’s twice.’ We hadn’t gone a half-mile when the mule stumbled a third time. My wife, a redhead, promptly removed a revolver from her purse and shot the mule. I started to protest over her treatment of the mule when she looked at me and quietly said, ‘That’s once.’”
That is all I have for today. As always, be good, do good, play safe, and remember, we all can change…for the better that is.
– JR

Walter Wilson Jr. is an Ohio native who lived in Chester from 1991-2000, where he worked for Allied-Signal (Honeywell). He resides in Sullivan, Ind.