I believe my child may be identified as gifted. Where will he go? Does my school offer programs for this? The short answer is...

I believe my child may be identified as gifted. Where will he go? Does my school offer programs for this?

The short answer is yes. Chesterfield County schools have gifted programs on each campus to provide a challenge for gifted students.

Each year beginning in second grade, a child has the option to be tested and provided with a Gifted Education Eligibility Report (GEER) score. This uses teacher scores, grades, test scores and parental scores to identify children’s gifted abilities in each eligible subject. This information will help the county place a child in the best environment to suit and challenge his or her needs.

This allows the school to group them with other children at that level for core subjects, such as math or reading.

If a student is identified as gifted in multiple subjects, a Center Based Gifted program may be offered.

This program means all of the child’s learning will be at a deeper and more advanced level through project-based learning.

The teacher’s for these programs receive special gifted certifications to prepare them for the academic and emotional needs of a gifted child.

A panel reviews the entries for the coming school year and offers invitations to the students best suited for the program.

The invitations for this program usually go out in late winter, early spring to allow preparations for the coming school year.

The Center Based Gifted program for elementary school in the Bermuda District is located at Marguerite Christian Elementary School. The closest such program for middle school is housed at Matoaca Middle School.

Dale District middle school students attend either Manchester Middle School or Matoaca Middle School.

The school board recently postponed adding the program at Carver Middle School for another year.

High school gifted programs will entirely be based off a child’s interests and where that child excelled.

Also of note are specialty centers that can prepare a child for a career in fields such as information technology, medicine and biology, culinary arts, liberal arts, mathematics and engineering.

Although these schools may not be in your home district, there are transportation options that allow for pick up/drop off from locations within 5 miles of your home to the specialty center of choice.

There is a county Gifted Education Office that can help steer a student and parent in the direction best suited for gifted learners. For more information, call (804) 639-8620.