When two people meet for the first time it might be a coincidence, but when Randy Wilson and Curtis Reeves met, a better term... Golfers share more than just a good game

When two people meet for the first time it might be a coincidence, but when Randy Wilson and Curtis Reeves met, a better term might be “fate.”

Wilson and Reeves met two years ago at a church fellowship called “Birdies and Boogies” at Chester’s Christian Life Church. The church establishes small group fellowship opportunities for people with common interests in order for members to get to know each other better.

“Our church believes in fellowship,” Wilson said. “We develop friendships through these fellowship groups.” Wilson and Reeves became friends after attending Birdies and Boogies.

Reeves learned that Wilson had moved from Washington state to be with his grandchildren three years ago, but became sick on the way and found out he had a weakened immune system that affected his kidney.

“Randy had been on dialysis for three years and I grew concerned about him,” Reeves said. “I even had a dream about donating a kidney to him. When I discussed the idea with my wife, she was on board.”

Last year, both men signed up for a charity golf tournament at the Highlands. Wilson and Reeves were randomly paired together in a foursome for the tournament. Reeves decided that it was a good time to share his thoughts about donating his kidney to Wilson if he was a good match.

Wilson was stunned. “It was a very emotional discussion,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting it, and needless to say, while it was great news, it didn’t help my golf game that day.”

Proceedings began very quickly after the tournament. They have the same blood type, and after numerous tests, the results showed that Reeves was a good match. The procedure took place Sept. 18.

Wilson said they had a lot of prayer and support from the other golfers, their church and Grace Home Ministries, which sponsored the golf tournament at the Highlands. “There seemed to be such a move in the community to offer help. You just never know when you will meet someone that can change your life,” Wilson said.

Before the surgery, due to medical restrictions, Wilson couldn’t hold, lift or even kiss his grandchildren. “Now I can pick them up and do things with them I couldn’t do before,” he said.

Both men agree that you never know where your new connections will lead. For them, it started at a fellowship meeting, and now they are literally blood brothers for life.