Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. As I mentioned previously, Big Dog (my neighbor’s dog) and I were going...

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.

As I mentioned previously, Big Dog (my neighbor’s dog) and I were going to have a conversation about some unnecessary behavior around my house. We had that talk, but it appears it did not stick.

Before I proceed, I need to issue an apology to Big Dog. She is not a he, my bad! Some people are very touchy about those things! Anyway, Big Dog came over for a visit, and after our ritual of dog biscuits and belly rubs, I went over to the garage to get some tools so I could do some work in the garden.

While I was in there, I heard this low gruff-like sound. Was that Big Dog? I have heard her bark only once, and that was at some deer way out in the field. Then I heard it again, so I went outside to investigate. There was Big Dog, running around like a little puppy, which was unusual since her normal mode of propulsion is in low gear. Then I discovered the reason for this sudden enthusiasm. She had gotten into the garage and found one of my rubber boots, and it was now her new play toy. I took the boot from her and gave her an old tennis shoe instead. She was not interested. I took the boot back into the garage and put it up on the shelf. I finished my garden chores and decided to find the other boot. I looked around for a while and finally found the spot where I put my two pair of boots. Unfortunately, one boot was missing. Big Dog had evidently already absconded with the other one before I caught her with this one. Where is it? Time may tell.

“Every good conversation starts with good listening.” – Dogpound Wisdom

At a boat rental concession, the manager went to the lake’s edge and yelled through his megaphone, “Number 99, come in please. Your time is up.” Several minutes passed, but the boat didn’t return. “Boat Number 99,” he hollered. “Return to the dock immediately, or I’ll have to charge you overtime.”
“Something is wrong here, boss,” his assistant said. “We only have 75 boats. There is no Number 99.”
The manager thought for a moment and then raised his megaphone. “Boat Number 66,” he yelled. “Are you having trouble out there?”
A teenager who had just gotten her learner’s permit offered to drive her parents to church. After a rather hair-raising ride, they reached their destination. The mother got out of the car and exclaimed, “Thank you!” 
“Anytime! the daughter replied. “I wasn’t talking to you,” the mother said, as she slammed the door. “I was thanking God.”
Got to run. As always, be good, do good, play safe and remember: it takes two to have a conversation.

– JR