Sen. Chase is right to defend herself Editor: I wish to address an article from July 10 (“Guns, rape, and marijuana: Candidates criticized for...

Sen. Chase is right to defend herself

I wish to address an article from July 10 (“Guns, rape, and marijuana: Candidates criticized for FB posts”), specifically the portion attempting to shame Republican Sen. Amanda Chase for her views of women’s right to self-defense against rape or any crime, specifically through the use of firearms.
Many issues surround elections, which are often decided by opinion, left or right, liberal or conservative. The right to bear arms is not one of those, but is a right (one of several) guaranteed by the Bill of Rights within the Constitution. These rights were “set in stone” by framers with the foresight to understand that some day individuals or groups may conspire to remove those privileges from the nation’s citizens that the founders deemed necessary for the functioning of a free society unlike any that ever existed in history.
With respect to the opinions of the state senator’s detractors: Amanda Pohl, the Democratic candidate, may only be concerned with unseating Sen. Chase; Brenda Clancy may fail to understand the intent of the Second Amendment or may believe criminals would actually adhere to firearms restrictions imposed at public parks; and Nancy Swanson Morin may never have been attacked in the woods before.
For the record, a woman (or a man) alone could become a victim anywhere. Many assault victims are attacked right in their own homes; so much for the “safe-space” theory. In Sen. Chase’s case, she was accosted on several occasions and had her life threatened on many more. If she is not preparing to defend herself, she is preparing to be a victim.

David Alexander

Chase has nothing to apologize for!

I would like to comment on a portion of your article “Guns, rape and marijuana: Candidates criticized for FB posts” in which state Sen. Amanda Chase, Nancy Swanson Morin, and Amanda Pohl were quoted regarding women using guns to protect themselves.
First and foremost, as a woman I am totally opposed to rape for any reason under any circumstances. It should not happen, but sadly it does, and my heart goes out to women who have been assaulted this way.
With that said, I want to stand up and say that Amanda Chase is totally right! And I further agree that women have a responsibility to be aware at all times of where they are and what is going on around them and to be able to protect themselves.
We no longer live in a society where it can be assumed that you are safe and secure. The statistics are there to prove that you aren’t!
We lock the doors of our homes to keep thieves and assailants out. Police continually warn us to remove valuables from view in our cars and lock them, even in our driveway. Why then are women so naive as to think they can be safe out alone in the park or drinking at a bar and leaving there alone late at night? To do so is to live in a false illusion and to put yourself in a position for something to happen.
Nancy Morin is wrong! It is not paranoia to want to be able to carry protection in a park or when hiking in the woods. Being prepared is the best thing. It is good, common sense!
Women should learn and should teach their daughters to be constantly vigilant in public, to be aware of their surroundings, and to be able and ready to protect themselves.
It is far better to be prepared and deal with protecting oneself than to have to live with the physical and emotional aftermath of being assaulted.
Amanda Pohl is further wrong: Amanda Chase has nothing to apologize for!

Cris Watson