H ello and welcome back to the madding world of the Dogpound. “I am going completely mad! I tell you! Mad! They are driving...


ello and welcome back to the madding world of the Dogpound. “I am going completely mad! I tell you! Mad! They are driving me insane! I am not lying!” Do you remember the song from 1966 that was titled, “They’re coming to take me away, Ha-Haa!” Maybe you are not old enough.Check it out on Youtube. It was a comical song that actually reached No.3 on the Billboard chart, but was pulled from playlists after 6 weeks because health professionals and organizations thought it made fun of the mentally ill. Actually, the song was about a person missing his dog that had run away, never-the-less, it had its 15 minutes of fame. So, you ask, what is driving me crazy?  More than usual? Well, I was sitting at my kitchen table and I thought I heard a “chirp,” the kind you hear when your smoke alarm lets you know it is time to change the battery. Then, a bit later, I heard it again, but I am thinking, I just installed those throw away alarms that are good for 10 years. Finally, curiosity got the best of me and I went to the master bedroom and stood there for several minutes waiting for the mystery chirp. Nothing. So, I walk to the other end of the house where my second smoke alarm is installed at the end of the hallway. Same results. One of my problems is that I wear hearing aids because my high frequency hearing is about gone. I mean, without them, I cannot hear the microwave beep when it finishes cooking. After a while, I go get the stepladder so I can put my ear right on the alarm. Nothing, So the search begins. Is there anything else that is running that could be making that noise? I cannot find anything, but there is that steady constant chirp, like a lonely cricket. Which, if I could find him, would very quickly be dispatched to cricket heaven. Finally, the mystery was solved. My refrigerator was chirping. What you say! Evidently, it is set up to tell you when the water filter is supposed to be changed. I shut the alarm off. The refrigerator is still not satisfied. I take the old one out, and put it back in. It was not fooled. I even turned the power off, which, according to the manual, is supposed to reset the alarm. Not happening. By now you have to realize where my opening comments came from. Grrrr! So, I have living with this chirping reminder until the new filters get here. In the meantime, when I get tired of the noise, I just take my hearing aids out!


“I have had a lot of worries in my life, but most of which never happened.” Mark Twain


A new diet calls for only eating garlic and onions. Everyone stays so far away that from a distance you look thinner.

 Two women were talking about their ancestry. “My ancestry goes all the way back to Alexander the Great,” one said.  “How far back has your line been traced?”   The second one replied, “I’m not sure. All of our records were lost in the flood.”

 Overheard a boss talking to his assistant: “ Nancy,  I‘ve seen several people smiling today in the office.  Find out what that’s all about.”

Better wrap this up and go check the mail for my water filters. As always, be good, do good, play safe, and remember to be like that duck on the water: calm and peaceful on the surface, but your legs are going like mad under the water.