To the Editor:In this week’s Village News, (Jan. 30) you quoted Sen. Joe Morrissey as uttering, in regard to the massive recent gun rights...

To the Editor:
In this week’s Village News, (Jan. 30) you quoted Sen. Joe Morrissey as uttering, in regard to the massive recent gun rights rallies in Richmond, several statements belittling the voices of the thousands of citizens who made the trip to express themselves and as saying “I was very proud of everyone on both sides.”  For the record, I was present at the rally on the 20th and was very proud of the 20 thousand-plus individuals arrived in the freezing cold to be present.  At least a plurality of those present were also veterans, myself included.

I resent the senator’s flippant comments, belittling many concerned Virginians and characterizing them as supporting gun companies, but unable to sway Virginia legislators, who were ignoring them.  Also, there was no “both sides.”  Everyone present was a good, decent constitutionalist.  The only other side, the anti-constitutionalists, were legislators comfortable in the halls of the state building and Gov. Northam who was hiding at the new National Guard facility with his team of armed guards.  In declaring a state of emergency based on faulty intel, fencing in the rally-goers, and not allowing them to lawfully carry weapons on state property, as well as failing to provide “facilities,” Gov. Northam’s blatantly attempted to suppress the views of his political opponents and disenfranchise the majority of Virginians, who believe in the Bill of Rights.  I fought for those rights, from here to dirty little places in the Red Desert the governor has never even heard of before.

One cannot help but wonder; if the rally had been in favor of open borders or infanticide, if the governor would have taken the same precautions or opened the gates and attend himself, taking “selfies” with his socialist supporters?

In any event, I implore both Sen. Joe Morrissey and the governor to apologize to the rally-goers, as well as other law-abiding Virginians who are still their constituents, whether they like it or not, and for their callous dismissal of our adherence to the law of the land in favor of their own political agendas.

David Alexander