We have some great auto repair facilities in Chester, but today, one of those facilities set itself apart from all the rest in my...

We have some great auto repair facilities in Chester, but today, one of those facilities set itself apart from all the rest in my book. In June of last year, I took my truck to a well-known repair facility for a complete brake job. Everything was fine until just recently, when the front discs showed signs of warping. For whatever reason, the discs did not last but about 8 months. We have all had things that did not last past the warranty. The issue is, what will someone do once a warranty claim is reported? I can tell you that we had a church van that had an electrical problem a while back. We had another repair facility work on the van. Once it was completed, we picked it up. After a short period of time, the problem returned. The problem was caused by something that the garage had done. The problem was fixed, but the difference was that we had to pay labor charges before we were able to take the vehicle. That garage lost my business that day.

My wife asked me to call the business that had done my brakes to see if anything could be done to resolve our issue. I called and spoke to the owner. I shared my problem and he told me the warranty. When I realized that we had a situation where the problem fell within the warranty period, I asked him what needed to happen next. He told me to set up a day when I could do without my truck and that he would take care of the rest. I took my truck there, not really knowing how this day would go. I called at about 1:30 to check on the truck. The owner came to the phone and told me that the parts had been ordered, but what he said next took this whole thing to a new level. He told me that the worker had checked the back discs, and they found problems there as well, so they had decided to change everything. At about 4:50, my wife texted me and said that the truck was ready and that there was no charge. Not only had they replaced the front brakes, but they went above and beyond, by checking the rear brakes, and when they found something wrong, they did the absolute right thing and replaced everything. 

I have always tried to purchase quality equipment, but they don’t make things the way that they used to. As a result, we find ourselves replacing things more often. The tipping point is quality customer service, especially when something goes wrong. Do you remember me telling you the story about the motel that provided 5-star service, until the people there accused my wife and me of taking a dog to our room? Not only did they check our room once, but they were so sure that we had a dog in there that they came back because they had not checked the bathroom while my wife was taking a shower. I told her to stop showering so they could search the entire room, and she made them do just that, after she had dressed, of course. We could not get out of that place soon enough. This particular repair facility set itself apart and have gained my respect and my business. My mom has been taking her vehicles to this place forever. I have recommended it before, but now that recommendation comes with the firsthand knowledge that these people stand behind warranty problems. This is the first time that I have had a problem with parts that this garage had installed, but I could not be more pleased and thankful for what the people there did. I have intentionally not named this company in this article because I do not have permission to do so.