A person immune to COVID-19 could take some comfort in knowing that’s true.  Being tested at local testing sites requires symptoms of the virus...

A person immune to COVID-19 could take some comfort in knowing that’s true.  Being tested at local testing sites requires symptoms of the virus being apparent. Antibody testing for COVID-19 will play a crucial role in the next phase of pandemic management: identifying those who now have immunity. Now there is home test o developed by KBMO Diagnostics of Hopedale, Mass., and available locally for purchased.

Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy on Iron Bridge Road is trying to be part of the solution to the current pandemic by being a provider and making available these test kits that detect the 2019-nCoV IgM and IgG antibodies by immuno- capture method. 

“Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy has a current working relationship with [the] KBMO Diagnostics lab for other testing services, specifically a Food Inflammation Sensitivity Test,” said Chris Currin, co-owner of Rx3.   “A KBMO representative contacted Rx3 Pharmacy and asked if we were interested to provide this test to local patients. Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy is the only pharmacy in our region offering the KBMO COVID-19 antibody test kit.”

Brent Dorval, KBMO’s Chief Scientific Officer and a former adviser to the WHO Vaccines and Diagnostics Committee, created the test.

The KBMO test has been peer-reviewed five times and completed in an ISO 13485 certified quality, FDA registered manufacturing facility, and CLIA-certified labs. Rx 3 partnered with KBMO, which provides the serum antibody C-19 test. 

Currin said in an e-mail that the test is nearly 99 percent accurate. “There are multiple scientific factors that are involved in the antibody test.  KBMO Diagnostics’ Web site has extensive information covering more than 30 questions and answers regarding this specific test,” he said.  “According to the KBMO Web site, the antibody test has been validated at 98.84 percent agreement between the blood spots and serum IgM and IgG.”

Collection methods involve a COVID-19 fingerstick test. It will require three blood spots and will be shipped back overnight to KBMO with a turnaround time to results of 48 to 72 hours. The price of the test is $175.

The test may be covered by insurance. The pharmacy encourages  patients to contact their health insurance companies to determine if there is a specific diagnosis code for the antibody test and if this is eligible for submission and reimbursement. 

Currin feels that people definitely will want to know if their bodies have developed antibodies to the COVID-19 virus.  “Regarding immunity, the medical community at large is still performing research to determine if the presence of antibodies will in turn lead to immunity for this virus.” he said. 

There are a couple of ways to obtain the test. For patients who prefer a contactless test experience, patients can call the pharmacy at (804) 717-5000 and the test can be ordered and purchased by phone.  The test kit will be shipped overnight from the KBMO lab directly to the patient’s home.  For asymptomatic patients who wish to visit the pharmacy, they will offer a limited amount of test kits for purchase.  No appointment is needed.  

“It is important to emphasize that this test is not designed as a diagnostic test, and patients who are exhibiting symptoms should NOT visit the pharmacy and should contact their healthcare provider,” said Currin. 

Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy is located at 12230 Iron Bridge Road, Chester.  For more information on the antibody fingerstick test, visit kbmodiagnostics.com/faq.