The Race Is On

The Race Is On

Politics Apr 1, 2015 1

Amanda Freeman Chase, resident of Chesterfield County since 1979, has successfully completed the necessary requirements to ensure her name...
Stroke Forward
There are currently 90 Meadowbrook students participating in the first swim club in school history and even more on...
Next Level: Rowe, Caldwell, Smith
Maggie Rowe Softball James River High School Freshman at Radford University The freshman backstop has started 11 of Radford’s...
Where do we find creativity? It is hiding in all of us somewhere. In the way we manipulate wood in our workshop, the way we cook that special diner, adding our own special herbs and spices or the way our teachers can educate outside the box. “Anything can be... Read more
Rt. 10 Update

Rt. 10 Update

General Info April 15, 2015 0

Patience is a virtue when construction projects are part of the mix. A large project along West Hundred Road has moved fairly quickly and phase one is close to completion. The current phase includes handicapped access at intersections and new crosswalk pedestrian traffic light activators. A sidewalk at Osborne... Read more
Lecture on Heirloom Tomatoes
The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia will present a lecture entitled, “Heirloom Tomatoes: A Taste of the Past” at the Chesterfield County Museum on Saturday, April 25, at 11a.m. Presented by Museum Associate, Pat Roble, a Chesterfield County Master Gardener, the lecture will explore the history of the tomato... Read more

WWII Veterans wanted

People April 15, 2015 0

World War II Vets – The Kiwanis Club of Chester is planning a special event in June to honor veterans that served in World War II.  If you live in the greater Chester area ( from Woodland Pond to Enon area), call 748-5008 Monday through Thursday for further information... Read more
Once, I was asked to give an informal talk on gardening to a group of seniors,while I did feel honored to be invited, it became somewhat of a challenge for me to come up with a topic, which would interest everyone. After much consideration, I decided to speak on... Read more

The 411 on TMJ

What's Up Doc April 15, 2015 0

Pain in the face can be caused by a variety of conditions.  Specifically, the area of the face just in front of the ear houses many anatomical structures and is a common site of pain.  The number of important structures present in this small area often makes it difficult... Read more
Some Wine and Lots of Sunshine
Violent thunderstorms blew through the evening before the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual “A Celebration of the Vine”. Martin’s Supermarkets co-hosted the premier event which was held at The Millworks at the Green in Midlothian on Saturday, April 11. The glorious sun was shining brightly from 11a.m.... Read more
On Sunday mornings, my local public radio station broadcasts a BBC News segment called “More or Less” – a regular feature exploring key statistics which describe our changing world. This Sunday, presenter Ruth Alexander interviewed Dr. Hans Rosling, a Swedish expert on international public health.  Dr. Rosling, who possesses... Read more
Art for Art’s Sake: Local artist releases new book
Studying the brush strokes on a painting, by one of the all-time creators of fine art, you wonder how he captured the stream of light coming from the window near one of the characters in his painting. A musician, an actor, woodworker, designer, chef, gardener, poet or one of... Read more
Chesterfield Police are searching for a missing man who was last seen by family on March 12. Lee G. Snellings Jr., of the 13700 block of Woods Edge Road, was last seen by family in an area on Coalboro Road on March 12. A relative dropped him off in... Read more