As we journey forward in this “Stay At Home” initiative, I read a fire officer’s writeup stating that the number of residential fires could be on the increase. The pressure placed on properly operating equipment is greater than normal. Cooking at home has become the norm, rather than the... Read more
What a difference a few short weeks make. Their were rumors flying that we would not be able to leave South Africa on March 13, but we did with no incident. We then learned that they were going to close the South African border the following Wednesday, which I... Read more
I have just returned from South Africa, where I led a team of six, including myself, through the journey. In many ways, this trip was easy because we went to a place that I had been many times before. My team was made up of two that had been before... Read more


Fire & Life Safety March 26, 2020

As we watched the outbreak and spread of this virus throughout Wuhan, China, I am not sure that most of us thought that it would spread beyond the Chinese border, much less cause a worldwide pandemic. We are living in the 21st century, a time where technology and knowledge... Read more
We have some great auto repair facilities in Chester, but today, one of those facilities set itself apart from all the rest in my book. In June of last year, I took my truck to a well-known repair facility for a complete brake job. Everything was fine until just... Read more

Two in one

Fire & Life Safety February 27, 2020

I could easily turn these two subjects into individual articles, but both carry tremendous importance, so I am going to tackle both of them in this one article. I was reading the daily business plan for CF& EMS one morning, and I clicked on a link that takes you to... Read more
If your house catches on fire, how will your children get out? Your house catching on fire is bad enough, but add to it that a member of your family could not get out and that makes it even worse. The fire service has been doing pre-fire planning for... Read more

Second Alarm

Fire & Life Safety February 13, 2020

Every response to an emergency incident requires the appropriate personnel and equipment. On structural incidents, the first alarm assignment consists of three engine companies, one or two truck companies, an ambulance, the tactical safety officer and two battalion chiefs. There is also an additional engine that is dispatched once... Read more
I had a lady call me one night at Fire Station 1 and say, “Do you respond to the smell of something burning in a home?” I told her, “Yes ma’am, sometimes several times in the same day.”As we were going down the steps, I commented; “Quite the aromatic polecat.”... Read more
As much as I hate to say it, we are still in the midst of winter. This could mean cold temperatures, cold wind, snow, freezing rain, or sleet. We have had a relatively mild winter, to this point, but I remember snow in Aprils past. Being ready could mean... Read more