It has been quite a while since I shared an old recipe from my firehouse days. I say “old” because in November I will have been retired from the fire service for nine years. There were some meals that were easy to prepare, but quite tasty. This meal was... Read more
Recently, a 15-passenger van was rear-ended by a dually pickup hauling a trailer. The news reported that four were killed, three were transported to MCV via helicopter and five others were transported to area hospitals via ambulance. I am praying that the respective crash teams from Dinwiddie and Virginia... Read more
During spring, we have already experienced 90-plus-degree days. Every summer, we hear the tragic stories of children and pets being left in non-running vehicles. We know, from studies conducted, that temperatures can reach and even exceed 130 degrees inside vehicles. The time that it takes for a car to... Read more
There will, undoubtedly, be people that will fall out of boats this summer and drown. If that is true, what must we do to prevent it from occurring? Boating safety is the responsibility of every boat owner. Safety equipment on a boat is required to prevent the loss of... Read more
A two-wedding weekend to remember My reason for writing this column is to educate my readers on a plethora of life safety issues. Fires, motor vehicle accidents and medical emergencies are happening every day. However, every once in a while, I get to write about something different. I recently... Read more
I listened as Chesterfield Fire Chief Loy Senter addressed the attendees at this year’s TRIAD meeting. He said the majority of emergency responses were for medical incidents and that it is important for everyone to ensure that their addresses are readily identifiable from the street. Whether a response occurs... Read more
As I watch the news, read posts on social media and read the Daily Business Plan, fires caused by cooking-related issues continue to occur regularly. There is not a day that goes by that a fire department somewhere in this nation is responding to a kitchen fire. Since it... Read more
What do I mean by “built to burn?” There are some buildings that simply should not catch fire, for if they do, they will surely be destroyed. Some buildings were built hundreds of years ago before fire and building codes. There are buildings that were built in a location... Read more
I would like to tell you a story. This story is about the one true God; an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present, unchanging and eternal God. This story will come from a book known as the Bible, written by 40 different men over about 1,500 years. God inspired the writing of... Read more
According to an old firefighters’ saying, “when the stick goes up, the building comes down.” The stick refers to the aerial ladder, which is the big ladder on the top of a ladder truck. One method of fire attack is by elevated master stream, which involves an engine supplying... Read more