Second Alarm

Fire & Life Safety February 13, 2020

Every response to an emergency incident requires the appropriate personnel and equipment. On structural incidents, the first alarm assignment consists of three engine companies, one or two truck companies, an ambulance, the tactical safety officer and two battalion chiefs. There is also an additional engine that is dispatched once... Read more
I had a lady call me one night at Fire Station 1 and say, “Do you respond to the smell of something burning in a home?” I told her, “Yes ma’am, sometimes several times in the same day.”As we were going down the steps, I commented; “Quite the aromatic polecat.”... Read more
As much as I hate to say it, we are still in the midst of winter. This could mean cold temperatures, cold wind, snow, freezing rain, or sleet. We have had a relatively mild winter, to this point, but I remember snow in Aprils past. Being ready could mean... Read more


Fire & Life Safety January 22, 2020

Cooking-related fires remain the leading cause of residential fires in America. The fire tetrahedron shows the four components necessary for a fire to occur: heat, fuel, oxygen, and a chemical chain reaction that brings them together. Take any of the four components away and a fire cannot occur. The... Read more

Bumper Cars

Fire & Life Safety January 14, 2020

Bumper cars was a ride that I first remember riding at the fair. The problem is that people drive on highways the same way that we used to drive bumper cars. I drove home on 288, during rush hour. A whole lot of traffic, with some people in an... Read more

Sleep soundly

Fire & Life Safety December 25, 2019

This article will be dated December 25, 2019, but you might be reading this on Christmas Eve. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of fire safety every day of your life. Fires at Christmas seem to hit a bit harder, but if you lose a loved one to a... Read more
As this is the time of the year when folks set out to decorate their homes for Christmas, I thought that I would share a few reminders to keep you and your home safe. Every year, a tragic accident or fire occurs during this time of the year. My... Read more
There have been three apartment fires in our area in about 72 hours. An apartment building is built to house multiple families. Most apartment buildings are outfitted with a sprinkler system, designed to extinguish or keep the fire in check, while building occupants have the opportunity to escape. The... Read more
I recently heard that a friend of mine was dealing with the aftermath of a fire in his home. The fire involved a sofa that caught fire, as a result of a child playing with a lighter or matches. I have written about this subject, on numerous occasions. My... Read more
Whether it be juvenile firesetting, near drowning or children left in a car, each of these results from a lack of parental supervision. For the youngest child, it is easy to see the need for parental supervision. Parenting is a 24/7 job, with minimal time for you. Moms and... Read more