Not a week goes by that we do not hear about a fire in our region. The most recent fire occurred in Northern Chesterfield. It appears that the fire started on a rear deck, with extension into the attic and subsequently into the rest of the home. This... Read more
A few days ago, a mobile home caught fire, destroying the mobile home and displacing the two occupants. I do not know whether the results of the investigation are known yet, as to what caused the fire. I do not know the statistics, but it seems that more mobile... Read more
T here are weather events that increase the probability of a fire starting and rapidly getting out of control. A week or so ago, we had one of those events. A strong wind came through at night, and three working incidents took place during that time. A house, a... Read more
T he news reported a fatal fire in a neighboring county tonight. The cause of this fire has not yet been determined. The house was an older home, which tells us some things about construction features. I am going to try to do a breakdown of a house fire... Read more
We have watched the protests at some airports across our country done in response to the detainment of a small number of people for the purpose of vetting or security. I am sure, for those that were detained and their families, that this was inconvenient. Making America safe is... Read more
I have been writing this column since 1998, when this paper started and I was a lieutenant at Fire Station 1 in Chester. My assigned task was to write about what I was seeing, from the vantage point of Engine 1, attempting to educate our community. I cannot say... Read more
Cancer is a terrible disease that has affected far too many. My hope and prayer is that the word cancer will be removed from our vocabulary once the disease has been eradicated and a cure found. I have seen cancer’s effect on many, but the most alarming statistics are... Read more
A fire in a single-family dwelling recently occurred in a neighboring jurisdiction. The tragedy was that this fire claimed the lives of two and caused two to have to jump from a second floor window. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family as they deal with this... Read more
I know of three fires, in single-family dwellings with attached garages that have resulted in fatalities, in Chesterfield County alone. The fires that I am thinking about have spanned a number of years, the most recent was a few Sundays ago, but all had devastating results. Each one of... Read more
Christmas was on Sunday and there have been three kitchen fires that made the news, with more that we, the unknowing public, were not aware of. What will it take to get people to understand? I have commented, many times before, that the people who live through these fires... Read more