I have written many times about your need to have a practiced home escape plan. This article will address other exits for when the primary exit is blocked. We all want to use a doorway to enter and exit our home and we even have a particular door that... Read more
W e got home from West Virginia the Friday after Thanksgiving. We unpacked the truck and settled in for the evening. The only problem was that my wife said that it felt cooler than normal in the house. I went to the thermostat and saw that it indicated that... Read more
I want to take the weeks before Christmas to talk about fire causes that either happened around Christmas, or that resulted in loss of life at other times of the year. I will couple two things into this title: improper disposal of smoking materials and fireplace ashes. I may... Read more
As Christmas rapidly approaches, I thought that we could think of a different list from those being written by children for Christmas morning. It has always been my intent to prevent fires or any other type of accident that could stop your family in their tracks. In almost every... Read more
As we come to this special time of the year, many of us will be traveling around the corner, across the state, or across the country. I want you to be prepared as you strike out on that holiday journey. Motor vehicle accidents account for many injuries and deaths... Read more
I doubt that it has changed much since I left the job; firefighters love to eat. I can remember some of the best meals that I have ever eaten were in a fire station. There is nothing worse than to sit down for a meal and have the “heartsaver”... Read more
O n November 1, 2010, I retired from a great organization, Chesterfield Fire & EMS. While I still serve as a fire department chaplain and a member of the peer support team, I no longer climb on an engine or ladder truck every third day. Many have asked, do... Read more
Though bow season has been in since the beginning of October, black powder season begins on Saturday. It is a requirement of our club that anyone using a black powder gun or a rifle must shoot from an elevated stand. In other words, many of us will climb tree... Read more
T here are not many times when I am outside that I do not hear the siren and air horn of a piece of fire apparatus, an ambulance, or a police car, responding to a call for help somewhere in Chesterfield County. For fire and EMS, the large majority... Read more
M y wife and I are finishing up a trip to Gloucester, Mass., and Bar Harbor, Maine. We will start for home tomorrow. Choices of travel could be plane, train, boat, bus or automobile; our choice is pickup truck. This being the case, the fastest route will take 12... Read more