As we prepare to leave for the beach tomorrow, I am thankful that Invest 99L has not materialized into more than a rainmaker at this point. We are now at the height of hurricane season. Tropical waves come off of the west coast of Africa and make their track... Read more
As summer comes to an end, many schools have already been in session for the last three weeks. Schools in this area will begin the 2016-2017 school year on Sept. 6. As students get ready to return to school, we, too, must prepare ourselves for their return. What do... Read more
In my years as a paramedic/firefighter, I responded to my fair share of heroin overdoses. The amount of the drug taken and the time of our arrival after the overdose had everything to do with a good outcome versus a bad one. Though it was a problem in my... Read more
In determining what caused a fire, firefighters and investigators cooperate to piece together the puzzle. Fires are investigated to determine whether the fire can be tied to an accidental cause or the fire was set. A fire is deemed suspicious when certain things are either present or absent; here... Read more
Most of the articles that I write are for the benefit of the readers, but every once in a while, I write to the men and women that put on a firefighter’s uniform and report to duty at their respective station. Firefighters are required to know a great deal... Read more
At about 6:30 a.m., Wednesday, Richmond fire units were called to a single-family dwelling fire. News reports state that firefighters found smoke coming from the roof and, I would throw in, smoke coming from the eaves. It appears that firefighters found fire in the attic. Reports also stated that... Read more
It is hot! It takes no genius to come to this conclusion. The question is what are you doing to beat the heat? Most of you may have figured out how to acclimate to this extreme heat and high humidity. Hydration is vital in these days. You should be... Read more
Our day started at about 4:15 a.m. with storms stretching from just south of Oregon Inlet, N.C. to Hatteras, N.C. A friend was warming up the motors on his boat while he and his mate were deciding what to do based upon the weather. After about an hour’s wait,... Read more
A few days after I arrived in Africa, I learned of the floods that ravaged the state of West Virginia and western portions of Virginia. My wife’s uncle was in White Sulphur Springs when this catastrophic event took place. He said that it had stormed and rained started at... Read more
Fire departments are dealing with an increased number of calls caused by issues with pool chemicals. There have been responses to both privately owned and public pools. While it is important to maintain pool water at proper levels, it is equally important that pool owners and mangers understand the... Read more