I am sitting here watching Wheel Of Fortune, if you wonder how I came up with this title. The subject of this article has nothing to do with a TV show, but everything to do with what you are doing to position yourself for that job that you are... Read more
I have just finished reading the news reports of a fire that occurred in Roanoke County, back in mid-March. The fire occurred in the middle of the night. Four adults and four children occupied the home. Two of the adults and two of the children were visiting from out... Read more
I attended a retiree luncheon the other day and got into a conversation with one of the most respected truck lieutenants that I ever had the privilege of working with. We were talking about the retired firefighters that have had to deal with varying types of cancer. My thought... Read more
It is bad enough to suffer a kitchen fire, with most caused by unattended cooking. The problem is exacerbated when a person gets burned, attempting to remove the burning pot or pan from the kitchen, or from the stove to the sink. The statistics have not gone down, if... Read more
Before I start, my prayers go out to the people in Brussels. As we were returning from a popular vacation spot in this country, we saw images of the bombing attack of the airport in Brussels, Belgium, while sitting in an Arby’s. I am not a military strategist; I... Read more
It is 6:27 a.m., and I have just returned from dropping off our guest evangelist at the Richmond International Airport, for his journey back to Texas. He came to us from a place called Spanish Fort, which is located along the Red River, on the Texas/Oklahoma border. You may... Read more
I had just driven by Station 1 and saw the TSO parked on the ramp and Engine 1 sitting in quarters. As I sat in the line at the Rite Aid, I heard the TSO and Engine 1 head out on a call. They had to have gone north,... Read more
Though Chesterfield Fire & EMS predates 1950, the first salaried Fire Marshal was hired in 1966. In 1969, the first salaried firefighters were hired and it was at this time that Robert L. Eanes went from being the Fire Marshal to Chief of the Department. Chief Eanes would lead... Read more
Last Wednesday was an unusual weather day in Virginia. Seven tornadoes ravaged different parts of the state, causing loss of lives, multiple serious injuries and extensive property damage. Though I applaud our local news agencies for moment-by-moment reports, I do not believe that we are ready for this type... Read more
To implore means to beg or ask repeatedly. The issue that I am imploring about seems like a “no-brainer,” but some people obviously have to be reminded constantly. The other night, a minor accident on 288 turned into a major accident, when a vehicle careened into the accident scene... Read more