It is hot! It takes no genius to come to this conclusion. The question is what are you doing to beat the heat? Most of you may have figured out how to acclimate to this extreme heat and high humidity. Hydration is vital in these days. You should be... Read more
Our day started at about 4:15 a.m. with storms stretching from just south of Oregon Inlet, N.C. to Hatteras, N.C. A friend was warming up the motors on his boat while he and his mate were deciding what to do based upon the weather. After about an hour’s wait,... Read more
A few days after I arrived in Africa, I learned of the floods that ravaged the state of West Virginia and western portions of Virginia. My wife’s uncle was in White Sulphur Springs when this catastrophic event took place. He said that it had stormed and rained started at... Read more
Fire departments are dealing with an increased number of calls caused by issues with pool chemicals. There have been responses to both privately owned and public pools. While it is important to maintain pool water at proper levels, it is equally important that pool owners and mangers understand the... Read more
A recent house fire in Chester was caused by fire getting outside of a grill, catching the outside of the house ablaze, with spread to the inside. Firefighters arrived to find the exterior rear of the house in flames, with extension into the attic. No one was injured, but... Read more
A windy day at the Virginia Beach turned tragic when a Chester woman was struck by a beach umbrella and died. My prayers go out to this family. Accidents like this define a freak accident. The accident, in my opinion, which everyone would say could never happen until it... Read more
With the passing of Memorial Day, pools have opened for the summer and temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s. I want to write a proactive article before a tragedy occurs. The story about the four-year-old boy that fell into the gorilla’s area at the Cincinnati Zoo is... Read more
I just rode by a house that was ravaged by fire early Sunday morning. It was obvious that the fire had started on the front porch or in the vicinity of the front porch. Fire investigators have determined that the fire started in a flowerpot, on the front porch,... Read more
On May 16, our fire service family lost a man who was a friend to every person that he met. Retired firefighter George Decker was just that person. George worked on A-shift at Stations 14, 3, 8, and 12 for the majority of his career. George was a humble,... Read more
How many of you think about an escape plan, in the place where you are staying while on vacation? We are staying in a place that firefighters once called a taxpayer, a business on the first floor with living space above it. This is a three-story condominium, where you... Read more