I had just driven by Station 1 and saw the TSO parked on the ramp and Engine 1 sitting in quarters. As I sat in the line at the Rite Aid, I heard the TSO and Engine 1 head out on a call. They had to have gone north,... Read more
Though Chesterfield Fire & EMS predates 1950, the first salaried Fire Marshal was hired in 1966. In 1969, the first salaried firefighters were hired and it was at this time that Robert L. Eanes went from being the Fire Marshal to Chief of the Department. Chief Eanes would lead... Read more
Last Wednesday was an unusual weather day in Virginia. Seven tornadoes ravaged different parts of the state, causing loss of lives, multiple serious injuries and extensive property damage. Though I applaud our local news agencies for moment-by-moment reports, I do not believe that we are ready for this type... Read more
To implore means to beg or ask repeatedly. The issue that I am imploring about seems like a “no-brainer,” but some people obviously have to be reminded constantly. The other night, a minor accident on 288 turned into a major accident, when a vehicle careened into the accident scene... Read more
I recently spoke at a Christian school, to the junior high and senior high class. One of the questions that I got asked was, what was the most rewarding call that I ran during my career? Believe it or not, I do not remember which call that I told... Read more
Electricity is something that we pay for and expect it to be there every time that we need it. As a firefighter, we responded to the problems caused by electricity. Last night, while watching the news, I saw where Richmond Fire Department had responded to an apartment fire, caused... Read more
We had plenty of advanced warning about this most recent snowstorm. Whatever snow total you listen to, we got more this time than we usually get. I thought that I would talk about things that I observed during this snow event, with the hope that each of us will... Read more
I know of three fires, in single-family dwellings with attached garages that have resulted in fatalities, in Chesterfield County alone. The fires that I am thinking about have spanned a number of years, the most recent was a few Sundays ago, but all had devastating results. Each one of... Read more
The numbers are in for 2015. Chesterfield Fire & EMS answered 39,000 plus calls for service, where greater than 75 percent of the calls for service were medical in nature. The greatest number of fire-related calls was alarm activations. The greatest number of medical incidents was difficulty breathing. What... Read more
I was watching television on New Year’s Eve, when I was quite disturbed by the message of a commercial that came on. The setting was a group of men drinking at a bar. When the one man got ready to leave, he contacted a designated driver. He left with... Read more