Caleb’s Corner: Will supervisors support Miles’ criminal justice reform efforts?
By Caleb M. Soptelean, editor/reporter  Chesterfield voted for criminal justice reform, barely. Scott Miles overcame a Republican registration advantage in the county and pulled off an upset in the commonwealth attorney’s race, but he did it at the same time that Abigail Spanberger was winning the District 7 portion... Read more
Caleb’s Corner: Colorado visit provides mountain respite
      ABOVE: Caleb M. Soptelean, editor; Baby mountain goat on Mount Evans. The mountains are calling, and I must go. With those words, the naturalist John Muir described my situation recently. Since I was named after the Old Testament character Caleb – who said, “Give me this... Read more
Cincinnati, NW Montana are editor’s vacation spots
A three-day visit to Northwest Montana last week provided me with some respite from Eastern U.S. humidity. I left Tuesday, July 3, and flew to Ohio to visit a friend and watch a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. It had been a while since I had taken in a Reds... Read more
Twenty years goes by like a flash of lightning that sends your dog jumping into your lap. Linda and I, who started the Village News twenty years ago, have worked toward a deadline every week since August 20, 1998. Linda and I have decided to retire. We will be... Read more
Thank you, Kiwanis, for our welcome home Dear Editor: I want to publicly express my thanks to Dr. Joe Hillier and the Kiwanis Club of Chester for their Welcome Home Vietnam War Era Celebration Event held at the Chesterfield County fairgrounds on October 4. It was a very public... Read more
To the Editor, Southern Chesterfield County could one day be home to a facility engaged in heavy manufacturing. Residents learned this significant development not from our county leaders, but from the governor announcing the exciting news as a done deal. Six similar industrial properties dot the Commonwealth, and four... Read more
You might get your wish if the New Year’s weekend is any indication. Clear skies blessed us and the soggy ground could have dry if the sun would give us a break. There are some interesting statistics offered by NOAA out of their Wakefield satellite station concerning our latest... Read more
How much do you love Christmas? When we were kids we just couldn’t wait until the day came. It seemed as if it took forever until the big day finally arrived. As the clock ticked, the anticipation increased to a crescendo, passion plays, practicing Christmas songs in chorus, games... Read more
You really do not know how far you can go until you go there. Maybe some of you know how to inoculate for foot in mouth disease. I’ve had my flu shot this year but not the much needed FIM vaccine. Sometimes we need to get angry to begin... Read more
Did you know that Paris was laid out 60 to 70 years after Washington D.C. Early urban planners knew that it was important that living spaces should be vibrant places where citizens could enjoy every bit of the environment. Andrés Duany, architect, urban designer, planner and author, has dedicated... Read more