To the Editor: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.  I will be found by you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back from all the nations and places where I have banished you,” declares the Lord.                                                                                                 (Jeremiah 29:13-14) ... Read more
To the Editor: The middle of a global pandemic may not seem like the best time to open a bus route, but for many who live along Jefferson Davis Highway in Chesterfield County, GRTC’s new Route 111 between John Tyler Community College and Richmond is a lifeline, just when... Read more
When Chesterfield County schools announced recently that students would be out of classes for a month, several concerns crossed my thoughts. The coronavirus was a concern for elderly citizens in the community. The additional pressing matter of interest was that the education in public schools was at a standstill.... Read more
Letter to the editorTo the Editor: In response to Del. Coyner’s message on the legislature that the additional taxes that she objects to are necessary to meet critical infrastructure needs that were ignored while her party was in the majority: unfortunately, we have become a country where people think... Read more
To the Editor: In response to Diane Merryman’s article about Tumeric  she needs to clarify that anyone thinking of taking a supplement needs to discuss it with his or her doctor. The person needs to make sure it won’t interact with medications the person is already taking. If a person... Read more
To the Editor: The 4-H would like to thank the staff at the Chester Library for allowing our club to display Christmas stockings and cards at the library during the past holidays.  Our club dedicated a lot of time to community service in partnership with the Community Council on... Read more
To the Editor:In this week’s Village News, (Jan. 30) you quoted Sen. Joe Morrissey as uttering, in regard to the massive recent gun rights rallies in Richmond, several statements belittling the voices of the thousands of citizens who made the trip to express themselves and as saying “I was... Read more
To the Editor:It is crucial that strong, well-funded schools are sustained in Chesterfield County. The near- and long-term economic strength of the county will depend greatly on maintaining and always improving the quality of strong financially supported schools. Helps economic development, business retention, and house resales, and it positions... Read more
To the Editor: Let’s do this!  I would hope for the approval and passing of the Courthouse Landing Project proposed for the area along Rts. 10/288/Courthouse Road area.  I have been impressed with those who have put these plans together for such a helpful asset to our community.  ... Read more
Editor: So let’s just put a halt to this “Courthouse Landing” proposal until “negotiations” are complete on the Chesterfield EDA 59-acre property so that citizens may be informed of just what the “deal” is between the EDA and the developer! Oh, and let’s not forget the FAA Flight Path... Read more