To the Editor: Let’s do this!  I would hope for the approval and passing of the Courthouse Landing Project proposed for the area along Rts. 10/288/Courthouse Road area.  I have been impressed with those who have put these plans together for such a helpful asset to our community.  ... Read more
Editor: So let’s just put a halt to this “Courthouse Landing” proposal until “negotiations” are complete on the Chesterfield EDA 59-acre property so that citizens may be informed of just what the “deal” is between the EDA and the developer! Oh, and let’s not forget the FAA Flight Path... Read more
Editor: The Board of Supervisors missed the point in their approval of Carvana for Woods Edge road. Yes, the usage of the actual property is not bad; yes, there is a buffer; and yes, the noise is contained. But the sight and the sound could only affect, at most,... Read more
My opponent, Tim McPeters, purchased a full-page ad in last week’s Village News in which he criticized me personally and professionally in an attempt to convince citizens to vote for him. In the ad, he also disclosed my home address, which I consider completely unethical and, frankly, shameful. I... Read more
Editor: Last autumn, my husband and I were on a camping trip that took us across Canada and the U.S., visiting friends and family and taking in sights we had always wanted to see. We had booked at Pocahontas State Park for a few nights and were on our... Read more
Miles touts effect of ‘no cash bail’ policy
Editor: As you may recall, the first policy I issued after taking office last November was designed to reduce Chesterfield courts’ reliance on “cash,” or secured bail. This was prompted by concerns in our community that the use of cash bail mistreats lower-income people. The policy requires that prosecutors... Read more
Superintendent provides info on Legionella, budget issues
Editor: Our outstanding staff members have been diligently preparing for the return of our 61,000-plus students. We’re excited for the upcoming school year and are proud to share that for a second straight year we expect all of our schools to be fully accredited. The result shows the power... Read more
In regard to your story in last week’s issue, “Tannerite explosions rattle community,” characterizing Tannerite as a fuel is only correct if you are talking about it to fire off a rocket. Note that the chemistry given for the components is backward: The ammonium nitrate and ammonium perchlorate are... Read more
Your “Living Safe” column by Pete Hypes (Jan. 16) brought back memories of a true story when I was living in Powhatan County and a member of the local all-volunteer fire department. It seems that back in the late 1960s, over a period of several months we received six... Read more
The hypocrisy is simply overwhelming! Attorney General Mark Herring demanded that Gov. Ralph Northam resign because Northam admitted to appearing in blackface, or worse, as a 25-year-old medical student. Now, Herring admits that he, too, appeared in blackface whilst in college. Is Herring going to look in the mirror... Read more