To the editor: I have lived in Chester for nine years after marrying a lifelong Chester Village resident. What immediately attracted me to the area was the small-town atmosphere and the great people. I’ve spent many hours walking through Chester, exploring and exercising. Although there is always room for... Read more
One of the objectives of Kiwanis is to build better communities. The Kiwanis Club of Chester has been working diligently toward that objective, and we have been assisted with many from our area to help us meet that goal. Over the past three years we have strived to recognize... Read more
Many in the Bruce Farms subdivision in Chester have expressed a desire to help a neighbor rebuild after an electrical fire destroyed his home at 4617 Bruce Road in the early morning hours May 18. The structural damage has been estimated at approximately $120,000. There is no insurance to... Read more
Editor: I’m a homeowner who lives on Branders Bridge Road, right across the street from the proposed Motoaca Megasite in Chesterfield County. And because of it, I’m about to lose a lot of money. My wife and I put our house on the market last August, three weeks before... Read more
To the Editor: After reading your article, “Mega Site gets positive response from businesses,” it’s no wonder residents fear getting involved in issues happening in their community. You report how once the announcement was made of this planned Megasite, “That’s about the time the shouting began.” BARD, formed in... Read more
I have been a member of the Chester Business Association for many years. I do not concur with their board’s letter to the editor that supports the Matoaca Mega Site in a residential area. I initially thought that the Matoaca Mega Site made good business sense to be developed... Read more
To the Editor There was a revolution prior to ours in 1776. It was the one that put King William and Queen Mary on the throne of England and forced John II to flee England. It was during this revolution that the ember was created one that was transferred... Read more
Thank you, Kiwanis, for our welcome home Dear Editor: I want to publicly express my thanks to Dr. Joe Hillier and the Kiwanis Club of Chester for their Welcome Home Vietnam War Era Celebration Event held at the Chesterfield County fairgrounds on October 4. It was a very public... Read more
Concerned for Constituents To the Editor: I am a Pharmacist/Owner of RX3 Compounding Pharmacy in Chester. Every politician seems to have their own agenda. In our current political climate it seems like voters are not being heard. However, some representatives, like Delegate Kirk Cox, actually take the time to... Read more


Letter to the Editor September 13, 2017

Back to School  Food Dear Editor: With the new school year upon us, parents turn their attention to school clothes, school supplies, and school food. Yes, school food! More than 31 million children rely on school meals for their daily nutrition, which too often consists of highly processed food laden... Read more