In regard to your story in last week’s issue, “Tannerite explosions rattle community,” characterizing Tannerite as a fuel is only correct if you are talking about it to fire off a rocket. Note that the chemistry given for the components is backward: The ammonium nitrate and ammonium perchlorate are... Read more
Your “Living Safe” column by Pete Hypes (Jan. 16) brought back memories of a true story when I was living in Powhatan County and a member of the local all-volunteer fire department. It seems that back in the late 1960s, over a period of several months we received six... Read more
The hypocrisy is simply overwhelming! Attorney General Mark Herring demanded that Gov. Ralph Northam resign because Northam admitted to appearing in blackface, or worse, as a 25-year-old medical student. Now, Herring admits that he, too, appeared in blackface whilst in college. Is Herring going to look in the mirror... Read more
Sign of the eagle? Megasite, east-west freeway shelved
Until last year, I was not much of a believer in “signs” and what they might mean. But my mind is changing. Back in November 2017, I attended the first of many Chesterfield Economic Development Authority monthly meetings. The meetings have generally been very short and often involve the... Read more
By Nancy Drumheller Central Va. Waste Management Authority We must clean up our act! Recycling containers are for recyclable items only. Placing items, such as plastic bags or food-contaminated containers, that are not accepted in your curbside recycling cart/bin or the drop-off recycling containers cause contamination issues and add... Read more
I thank him and could not agree more with Jim Daniels’ letter to the Village News editor regarding the loss of Chester’s “Village Oak.” I also applaud his and Joe Hillier’s offer to pay for a professional arborist’s evaluation of this beloved tree in a valiant effort to save... Read more
To the editor: I have lived in Chester for nine years after marrying a lifelong Chester Village resident. What immediately attracted me to the area was the small-town atmosphere and the great people. I’ve spent many hours walking through Chester, exploring and exercising. Although there is always room for... Read more
One of the objectives of Kiwanis is to build better communities. The Kiwanis Club of Chester has been working diligently toward that objective, and we have been assisted with many from our area to help us meet that goal. Over the past three years we have strived to recognize... Read more
Many in the Bruce Farms subdivision in Chester have expressed a desire to help a neighbor rebuild after an electrical fire destroyed his home at 4617 Bruce Road in the early morning hours May 18. The structural damage has been estimated at approximately $120,000. There is no insurance to... Read more
Editor: I’m a homeowner who lives on Branders Bridge Road, right across the street from the proposed Motoaca Megasite in Chesterfield County. And because of it, I’m about to lose a lot of money. My wife and I put our house on the market last August, three weeks before... Read more