Dear Village News Readers, I would like to give you some background on what prompted the discussion that was reported in such a misleading, out-of-context manner in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Over the past several years the Board of Supervisors and the School Board worked together to restore some of... Read more
To the Editor: In reference to Gena Lashley’s Column “A Process” Dec. 14, 2016: My mom and I read your article. We wanted to let you know you are NOT alone in your thoughts and feelings about Mr. Trump. From the moment he announced his intention to run for... Read more
In defense of public schools To the Editor: I started reading with interest the Village News editorial about school vouchers. After making it all the way to the second paragraph, my interest quickly turned to disbelief. I’m not aware that you’ve actually visited many of the schools you grossly... Read more
RE: Spoiled brats are a blessing To the Editor: I am writing in response to the letter to the editor by Diane Goss, “‘Spoiled brats’ are a blessing,” published in the November 16, 2016 issue of your paper. Like Ms. Goss, I, too, have teen family members who are... Read more
Trump supporters have called anti-Trump protesters “spoiled brats.” We have elected a braggart, a bigot, and a bully, and he is the real spoiled brat. After a devastating loss, I find comfort in the future generation of voters. My grandchildren, now teenagers, work hard in school. They face challenges... Read more
Thank you for remembering To the Editors: In several of your recently issues, you have run articles regarding our local military members. I just wanted to thank you for printing articles that are well-written and very respectful of these deceased military and their families. Hope to see more of... Read more
Letter to the Editor: My wife and I were visiting your delightful town of Chester when we stopped for a fine meal at Howlett’s Restaurant and Tavern. We happened to pick up a copy of your Village News of Oct 19.  We practically fell out of chairs in laughter... Read more
To the Editor: Regarding November 8, I reject the recent letter you printed which suggested Trump as the safer choice. Ignoring his recent sexual harassment accusations, Trump has made policy proposals that are nonsensical. He has a long history of portraying climate change as a hoax, and being actively... Read more
To the Editor: Mae West once said, “When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.” This is the situation we have with the upcoming election. The bottom line is we know what Hillary Clinton is. We have had to deal with... Read more
To the Editor: With the new school year starting, parents’ to-do lists are now filled with shopping for school clothes, school supplies, and school food. That’s right – school food! In past years, our nation’s schools were used by the USDA as a dumping ground for surplus meat and... Read more