To the Editor: Regarding November 8, I reject the recent letter you printed which suggested Trump as the safer choice. Ignoring his recent sexual harassment accusations, Trump has made policy proposals that are nonsensical. He has a long history of portraying climate change as a hoax, and being actively... Read more
To the Editor: Mae West once said, “When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.” This is the situation we have with the upcoming election. The bottom line is we know what Hillary Clinton is. We have had to deal with... Read more
To the Editor: With the new school year starting, parents’ to-do lists are now filled with shopping for school clothes, school supplies, and school food. That’s right – school food! In past years, our nation’s schools were used by the USDA as a dumping ground for surplus meat and... Read more
To the Editor: The police shootings of two black men and the massacre of police in Dallas recently should make all of us stop to examine our attitudes and interactions with our fellow Americans. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a large military family. ... Read more
To the Editor: I am writing this letter concerning the speed limit on West Hundred Road in both directions. The speed limit is 35mph not 55 or 60 mph. Why are you speeding every day? I see drivers of cars, pickup, FedEx, postal delivery and dump trucks as well... Read more
To the Editor: In my 70 plus years,I have never seen a political candidate such as Donald Trump. He has his opponents, some in the media and even the RINO’S in the Republican Party. So far he has overcame them All. He has turned his back on Political Correctness,... Read more
To the Editor: On Mother’s Day, May 8, many of us celebrated the powerful bond between mother and child. Tragically, the world-wide symbols of motherhood – dairy cows – never get to see or nurture their babies. Newborn calves are torn from their mothers at birth, so we can... Read more
To the Editor: They came in poodle skirts and fancy gowns and casual duds straight out of Grease. It was the first annual ‘50s Mother/Son dance at C.C. Wells. Moms who had probably worked all day dressed up to the nines for the shindig. And the boys, some sporting... Read more
To the Editor: The letter from Mr. L. J. McCoy, Jr., President of the Chesterfield NAACP, contained a very interesting comment. He asked: “Why would any political party wish to continually reject an individual because he or she made a mistake in the past?” Being only a college graduate,... Read more
To the Editor: L.J. McCoy’s letter of last week applauded Gov. McAuliffe’s recent executive order restoring voting rights to convicted felons. I agree. However, the executive order also includes the right to serve on a jury, run for public office, and serve as a notary. I can’t imagine any... Read more