Final Thoughts

Life's a Garden September 20, 2017

For my final column, I decided it was time to write about organic gardening. The term “organic gardening” at its simplest is avoiding using synthetically produced fertilizers and pesticides. Taken to the next level by many gardeners who are organic only, more “rules” are applicable. Rules include feeding the... Read more
My last column was about knowing your plant’s diet. I focused on macronutrients then and this time I will focus on micronutrients. As I indicated previously, all nutrients are important, each has its specific purpose, and having the soil tested is critical for successful gardening. Micronutrients, in order of... Read more
Lately, we have experienced hot, humid, and dry days with an occasional evening thunderstorm, or as some call it, the dog days of summer. Consistent moisture is critical for ornamental and edible plants as they bloom and produce the attractive flower or fruit desired. Besides water, the plants’ nutritional... Read more
Weed (noun): a wild plant that grows where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants. Garden (noun): a piece of ground, often near a house, used for growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables. Gardener (noun): a sometimes-frustrated individual often seen pulling, digging, spraying, and saying unkind words... Read more
How often do you read or hear about how what was old is new again? Many gardeners research new plants or techniques to try on their property. That research can reveal something completely new or something that has reappeared after a generation or two. My recent web searches on... Read more
How often do gardeners ask other gardeners “what did you plant over the weekend?” This past one certainly was warm, and I suspect many of you planted both ornamentals and vegetables. I spent part of this past warm weekend writing nutrient management plans for Chesterfield County Cooperative Extension’s Grass... Read more
Traveling around central VA the last two weeks has reminded me just how beautiful spring is. Trees and shrubs are bursting with color, lawns are greening up, and birds serenade us at sunrise. One tree in particular has been especially brilliant this year. The flowering dogwood, or Cornus florida... Read more
All gardeners, whether ornamental or vegetable, appreciate nature’s color palette in spring. For 84 years, The Garden Club of Virginia has celebrated the beauty of spring through its Historic Garden Week tours. The Garden Club of Virginia, located in Richmond. was founded in 1920 by eight garden clubs. The... Read more
It’s time to brighten up your landscape, fellow garden enthusiasts. Central Virginia will likely have a few more cold days, and frost is possible until mid-April. So, there is plenty of time to exercise an important aspect of gardening, which is planning. Planning avoids the mistake that many gardeners,... Read more
Spring will be here soon, and many people will be determined to have that luscious lawn. Others may not be focused on the grass but instead are curious as how to maintain and enhance a landscape. Congratulations to both because determination and curiosity are required to be a successful... Read more