Traveling around central VA the last two weeks has reminded me just how beautiful spring is. Trees and shrubs are bursting with color, lawns are greening up, and birds serenade us at sunrise. One tree in particular has been especially brilliant this year. The flowering dogwood, or Cornus florida... Read more
All gardeners, whether ornamental or vegetable, appreciate nature’s color palette in spring. For 84 years, The Garden Club of Virginia has celebrated the beauty of spring through its Historic Garden Week tours. The Garden Club of Virginia, located in Richmond. was founded in 1920 by eight garden clubs. The... Read more
It’s time to brighten up your landscape, fellow garden enthusiasts. Central Virginia will likely have a few more cold days, and frost is possible until mid-April. So, there is plenty of time to exercise an important aspect of gardening, which is planning. Planning avoids the mistake that many gardeners,... Read more
Spring will be here soon, and many people will be determined to have that luscious lawn. Others may not be focused on the grass but instead are curious as how to maintain and enhance a landscape. Congratulations to both because determination and curiosity are required to be a successful... Read more
It is already occurring, garden fans. Innocent crepe myrtle trees being “pruned.” More like being hacked. The excessive pruning practice of “topping,” or “Crepe Murder” as it is often called, usually begins in February. Well meaning homeowners and commercial property managers have their reasons for reducing the height of... Read more
This past weekend’s snowfall, like most significant snowfalls brings up questions for many gardeners about winter preparedness. One question that is often asked after a few inches of snow is “will it damage my plants”? Or “should I remove the snow from my plants”? The answer is not a... Read more
As I travel around, I know it’s the holiday season. The Salvation Army bell ringers fill the air, parking lots are full, and parents are saying “I’m gonna tell Santa if you don’t be good.” Thankfully, I have matured past, or at least I am physically past, that last... Read more
T hanksgiving is here and it’s time for us to count the blessings we have. One of the many blessings I have is readers like you. My column is not an opinion or inspirational piece, but take one minute and ponder this. You may not think you mean much... Read more
It’s the middle of fall, and the weather certainly has not been typical. To say that this year’s weather has been different for gardeners may be an understatement. Summer annuals and even some perennials are still blooming even though cool-season annuals such as pansies have been planted for weeks.... Read more
Our area experienced strong wind gusts, thunderstorms, and a hurricane this year. Some landscapes suffered tree damage or even a total tree loss as a result of nature. Although there is no single way to prevent this type of damage, here are some suggestions that can increase the likelihood... Read more