As I drive around our area, I notice two familiar scenes: 1) Fresh mulch on commercial property landscape beds. 2) Innocent crepe myrtle trees being hacked. It must be spring. A familiar scenario that many gardeners encounter now that the thermometer is increasing is impulse buying. We have all... Read more
Spring is soon upon us and so is lawn season. I had the pleasure recently of visiting The Diamond to discuss turf care with Steve Ruckman, Sports Turf Manager for the Richmond Flying Squirrels. Steve was gracious with his time and we chatted about grasses, soils, drainage, irrigation, and... Read more
Trees and shrubs in landscapes provide several benefits: shade, habitat for wildlife, increased property value, and beauty. An eight-foot-tall tree you proudly planted may now be 30 feet tall and more difficult to care for. This is where a Certified Arborist can mean the difference between a well-managed tree... Read more
With well over a foot of snow on the ground recently, most folks are not thinking about spring planting. Remember, it is February and local garden centers will have new plant stock available soon. One garden topic that is gathering more interest is the use of native plants. Virginia... Read more
I am often asked about timing. “Is it too late for, too early for, or when should I….?” These are common but good questions because it means the person is thinking before doing. Most trees, shrubs, and lawn grasses are forgiving when it comes to errant timing of pruning... Read more
Happy New Year! What is a gardener to do in the winter? Research and planning are both necessary steps in successful gardening. New or extended plant beds in the landscape is a common garden project that can be rewarding but also disappointing if not thought out thoroughly. Many gardeners... Read more
In case you need a last minute gift that will give a little extra cheer to the gardener in your life, read on. Many full service garden centers, gift shops, as well as hardware stores have just the perfect tool or gadget that is sure not to overload Santa’s... Read more
Jingle Bell Rock, not just a Christmas song for my fellow garden enthusiasts, but it is also one of the new varieties of poinsettias available to brighten your home this Christmas season. I had the opportunity to spend an hour on location with Mark Landa, owner of Boulevard Flower... Read more
As a follow up to my last column on organic mulches, I will discuss inorganic mulch. But before I get to that, I want to expand on my comment regarding “mulch should not be piled up on the tree.” As you travel around, especially in parking lots, you will... Read more
With two days near 80 degrees last week, winter is not on most people’s mind. Yes, fall so far has been mild but cold temperatures are not far away. Now is the time to ensure your trees and shrubs are mulched and mulched properly. Think about trees and shrubs... Read more