Dear diary, today I fertilized my azaleas. For many of you reading this, the phrase dear diary has not been heard in years. Many famous quotes start with “timing is everything in ….” Timing may not be everything in gardening, but it is more than a passing occurrence. A... Read more
Fall is rolling along. As you look around, many deciduous trees are beginning to shed their leaves. Before long your yard will have its own coat of many colors. Or will it? Leaf removal is critical to successful sports turf management such as golf courses and ball fields. Their... Read more
Fall officially arrived last week. It was sunny and 82 degrees on September 23. Does that sound like fall y’all? Regardless of my question it will be cooler soon and early to mid-fall is the best time for planting trees, shrubs, and bulbs and dividing perennials. The soil is... Read more
I am often asked “Hey Larry, what can I spray for this or that?” Before I answer, I will ask if the weed, insect, fungus or other pest they want to control has been positively identified. The answer is often “no.” Here is a tip: Some garden issues cannot... Read more
With the arrival of Labor Day and kids returning to school, it is time to get serious about fall lawn renovation. This has not been a typical summer for some of us. My mower, for example has not collected dust in the shed as in summers past. However, cool... Read more
Perhaps some of you are asking “what is a Master Gardener?” First, it is not a self-imposed title. Official definition: Master Gardeners are trained volunteer educators who work within their local community to promote environmentally sound horticultural practices. As an educational outreach component of Virginia Cooperative Extension, the Master... Read more
Some folks subscribe to the theory “if it does not fit, get a bigger hammer.” Not so fast my fellow garden enthusiasts. Read the directions – or in this case the label –when it comes to pesticides. First, what is a pest? A pest is an animal, insect, disease,... Read more
Don’t guess, soil test is one of the many sayings in the garden industry. If you use the same seed, lime, and fertilizer, you can expect the same results. Successful gardening is like anything else in life: it requires planning and following through. It is late July, and the... Read more
Remember last fall, when you aerated, seeded and fertilized? Remember spring, when you put down crabgrass preventer and maybe sprayed herbicide? Lawn care does not stop just because it is summer. Here are a few, free cool season grass tips for the not so cool summer. I thought “free”... Read more
Hello Readers, I am Larry Newman, Master Gardener with Chesterfield County Cooperative Extension. Perhaps you are thinking, “another garden dude telling me how to grow big tomatoes and go organic.” Not so fast, my fellow garden enthusiasts. The intent of my column is similar to the cooperative extension service,... Read more