I have spent this week assisting in running a shelter for homeless families at my church. I am writing this the day after Thanksgiving; there are so many thoughts swirling around in my head that I want to share with you, that I don’t know where to start. So,... Read more
Instead of writing about my dissatisfaction with the state of the world and the human race, I’m going to take a cue from the upcoming week and instead, be thankful. As much as I despair, I am thankful, as heavy as my heart is, it does fill with joy... Read more
Campaign ads, debates, whiny politicians; and we have not even begun 2016 yet. As I write this, our local elections will be held tomorrow. We have several candidates for the Board of Supervisors and School Board who have no one running against them, does this mean we are happy... Read more
I have just returned from my last field trip to the pumpkin patch. While I will not miss the itchy, scratchy feeling from the hay, or the multiple trips to the porta johns, it was surely bittersweet. My babies are growing up; gone are the days of field trips... Read more
As I lounge on my couch, in my comfy clothes, legs stretched out on my husband’s lap; I am weary while watching the news. I am exhausted, I am heartbroken, I am disgusted, I am sickened, I am tired of this world that we live in, what in the... Read more
I made it through the first week of school. My darling girl bounced happily onto the bus that first day of kindergarten and never looked back. I, of course, was having an internal war that rivaled the most bloody and violent thing you have ever seen. The night before... Read more
The Lashleys have just returned from our very first trip out west, and it was quite the adventure. It was our last hoorah before school started, and a grand adventure for the children to talk about for years to come. My brother lives in Washington on the lovely and... Read more
I have debated for days whether or not to share my horrifying experience with you all; but I quickly decided that I must. Some may be shocked, others disgusted, some sympathetic, I do not know how you will feel; I just know that my house was thrown into a... Read more
Hens Started Layin’
If you recall, a while back I informed you all that we had gotten some chicks. We purchased four little fluffy babies at Boulevard Flowers back in March and were happily tending them in a plastic tub that was sitting in the corner of my den. Now, I am... Read more
Summer is moving right along – too fast. I am desperately trying to hold onto these last few weeks of summer, which has been one of the best summers we have had so far. My darling girl will be starting kindergarten in just a few short weeks. I just... Read more