Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. It is hard to believe it is already August, and at times it is hard to believe what you find in my company’s break room. Note…most of the time it is “not” what their family refused to eat... Read more
Obelisk, cross, no entry
The Henricus bluff before the development of Henricus Historical Park. Circa 1980. The monument commemorates the first hospital in America and the Varina parish wish eventually became Saint john’s church.     At Henricus Historical Park, the church famous for Patrick Henry’s “give me liberty or give me death”... Read more

Family Ties

Mixing Bowl August 3, 2017

This past weekend, I drove my family down to Lowland, N.C. Lowland is a very small community on Goose Creek Island and it is where my family (paternal) settled hundreds of years ago. Lowland is an interesting little place. The land is flat, flat, flat, and there are creeks... Read more
T hough I know that this is happening, I am thankful that we have not heard much of it in our area recently. The issue that I am speaking of is leaving a child or a pet alone in a vehicle for any amount of time. With the temperatures... Read more

Dogpound Credit

Dogpound August 3, 2017

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. Well, the good news is that nothing broke this week…knocking on wood…so I am left to find another topic to write about. So let’s chat about finances. I got one of my credit card statements and they among... Read more
House of Lace, Labor of Love
BY L. FAUSZ The “Lace House,” a legacy piece of the former owners of Meadowbrook, has returned to the gardens of its current owner, Meadowbrook Country Club. Known as a summer house, a replica now watches over the reflecting pool and the restored Charles Gillette gardens, thanks to the... Read more
The Lashley family has just returned from its annual trip to the beach. This is something that I start dreaming about around February, when we are right smack in the winter doldrums. I dream about the small little beach town that we think of as our second home. The... Read more
Let me start by saying that I do not claim to be an expert on fire suppression systems, but I do know several experts. The question that I pose in this article is: Will your fire suppression system do what you need it to do if a fire occurs?... Read more


Dogpound July 5, 2017

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  Hope you are well rested from the long holiday weekend and came back with all of your body parts still connected where they belong.  My den has one of those big double windows that is topped by a... Read more
Guest Columnist Doug Hanky A few days ago, I shared a bucket list item of mine with some friends at dinner. This summer, I will go to the beach and watch a sunrise, take some pictures, drink some coffee, and then have a leisurely breakfast and more coffee! After breakfast,... Read more