Saving time

Dogpound March 11, 2020

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. Not sure what happened in a recent past article. It was a blast from the past.However, I was pretty confident that I was current with my Master’s weekly needs. So anyway, daylight-saving time is just a few days... Read more


Commentary March 4, 2020

By Del. Carrie Coyner In the General Assembly, there are many opportunities to join caucuses which are groups of legislators who come together based on regions, based on political issues, or for social gatherings. I’m a member of the newly established Virginia Commonwealth Caucus, a bipartisan group of Virginia... Read more
We have some great auto repair facilities in Chester, but today, one of those facilities set itself apart from all the rest in my book. In June of last year, I took my truck to a well-known repair facility for a complete brake job. Everything was fine until just... Read more


Dogpound March 4, 2020

Hello and welcome back from the wonderful world of the Dogpound. Is it Easter yet? Easter is about 6 weeks away, but according to my local Walmart, it is already here. Nothing new about that, but I just wanted to point that that out. What else is new? Well,... Read more
By Del. Carrie Coyner This last week of session is known as “budget week,” where the House debated and passed its version of the state budget and the Senate did the same.  The House budget includes a number of initiatives that I fully support and some that I don’t.... Read more
Letter to the editorTo the Editor: In response to Del. Coyner’s message on the legislature that the additional taxes that she objects to are necessary to meet critical infrastructure needs that were ignored while her party was in the majority: unfortunately, we have become a country where people think... Read more

Two in one

Fire & Life Safety February 27, 2020

I could easily turn these two subjects into individual articles, but both carry tremendous importance, so I am going to tackle both of them in this one article. I was reading the daily business plan for CF& EMS one morning, and I clicked on a link that takes you to... Read more

Measures of misery

Commentary February 19, 2020

By Del. Carrie Coyner The Virginia General Assembly has reached the halfway point of the 2020 Session. Known as Crossover, this is the point at which the House and Senate exchange legislation and begin to work on the other chamber’s bills.  In a year with so much partisan debate,... Read more
To the Editor: In response to Diane Merryman’s article about Tumeric  she needs to clarify that anyone thinking of taking a supplement needs to discuss it with his or her doctor. The person needs to make sure it won’t interact with medications the person is already taking. If a person... Read more
If your house catches on fire, how will your children get out? Your house catching on fire is bad enough, but add to it that a member of your family could not get out and that makes it even worse. The fire service has been doing pre-fire planning for... Read more