To the Editor: In regard to the Bikeways and Trails chapter , I have found there is great support for a more walkable and bikeable Chesterfield County. Everyday I see people trying to cross Ironbridge Road without crosswalks or sidewalks. Our county has not developed well... Read more
Cold and damp weather marks the beginning of the cold and flu season. The average adult will get two to three colds each year. Children can get even more. Our respiratory system is designed primarily to exchange gases. Each time we inhale, oxygen is brought into the lungs to... Read more
With two days near 80 degrees last week, winter is not on most people’s mind. Yes, fall so far has been mild but cold temperatures are not far away. Now is the time to ensure your trees and shrubs are mulched and mulched properly. Think about trees and shrubs... Read more
So after 19 years on C-shift and most of that on an engine company, I was transferred to the Fire & Life Safety Division. My new roles would be titled Community Programs Coordinator and Public Information Officer. In other words, I would now spend the next two years leading... Read more
Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. If we know anything about this little world of ours, we know that “change” is always in the wind. I have mentioned in the past that my company has their own little gym, located downtown, up three flights of... Read more
You have heard the rumors and now a county zoning sign goes up on the vacant property behind your house. What is going on here? Neighbors start to talk and you check at the planning department at the county offices. It is a shopping center, you tells your neighbors.... Read more
Campaign ads, debates, whiny politicians; and we have not even begun 2016 yet. As I write this, our local elections will be held tomorrow. We have several candidates for the Board of Supervisors and School Board who have no one running against them, does this mean we are happy... Read more
I have been taking my readers through my fire service journey, but I feel like I need to step back and share some life-changing or life-altering moments in my life. I am going to give you a brief snapshot of my life-journey. 1976 – I became a Christian and... Read more
Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. One of the things I like about this part of the year is college football. As I have stated in past articles, I was born and raised in Ohio – the middle of high school and college football country,... Read more
A recent Kaiser poll showed that most Americans agree that medications cost too much. In fact, the majority of Americans are more concerned about the cost of drugs than any other health issue facing our nation. While about three-quarters said they could easily afford their medicines, about 20 percent... Read more