Hello, everyone, and happy belated Independence Day. July 4 is the mid-point of gardening season, too, as gardeners typically enjoy their hobby from April through October. By now, the early blooming plants are spent and the mid-season blooming plants are thriving. Half-way does not mean cruising to the finish... Read more
Fire departments are dealing with an increased number of calls caused by issues with pool chemicals. There have been responses to both privately owned and public pools. While it is important to maintain pool water at proper levels, it is equally important that pool owners and mangers understand the... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. We here in the pack, hope you had a great three day weekend…as for me, I don’t know yet. I am typing this ahead of schedule since my play-date book has been pretty full the past four weeks.... Read more
To the Editor: I am writing this letter concerning the speed limit on West Hundred Road in both directions. The speed limit is 35mph not 55 or 60 mph. Why are you speeding every day? I see drivers of cars, pickup, FedEx, postal delivery and dump trucks as well... Read more
To the Editor: In my 70 plus years,I have never seen a political candidate such as Donald Trump. He has his opponents, some in the media and even the RINO’S in the Republican Party. So far he has overcame them All. He has turned his back on Political Correctness,... Read more
Odocoileus virginianus – or the white-tailed deer as it is commonly known – will certainly cause people to stop and gaze at its activities. Many will comment on its beauty and grab their cell phone for pictures. Now put that same deer in your garden or manicured landscape, and... Read more
A recent house fire in Chester was caused by fire getting outside of a grill, catching the outside of the house ablaze, with spread to the inside. Firefighters arrived to find the exterior rear of the house in flames, with extension into the attic. No one was injured, but... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. Before I forget, Happy Fourth of July! Well, OK, maybe it is a tad early – better than a tad late – but I really needed this as my lead-in for this week’s topic. I have had the... Read more
I have just come from my very last “Word Wall Ball.” For those of you who are not familiar with what a “Word Wall Ball” is, it is a celebration of the kindergarteners who have learned all of the kindergarten word wall words. Word wall words are essentially sight... Read more
A windy day at the Virginia Beach turned tragic when a Chester woman was struck by a beach umbrella and died. My prayers go out to this family. Accidents like this define a freak accident. The accident, in my opinion, which everyone would say could never happen until it... Read more