Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. Well, Mattel has come out with their new line of Barbie dolls hoping to boost sales that have been on a decline since 2012. Interestingly after being introduced in 1959 (57-years-old and still looking good), the Barbie line... Read more
Zika virus infection has quickly become a hot topic in the news this week. As of this writing, nearly forty cases have been identified here in the U.S. These individuals had recently traveled to a country where the infection has been known to be ongoing. Fortunately, health officials have... Read more
With well over a foot of snow on the ground recently, most folks are not thinking about spring planting. Remember, it is February and local garden centers will have new plant stock available soon. One garden topic that is gathering more interest is the use of native plants. Virginia... Read more
We had plenty of advanced warning about this most recent snowstorm. Whatever snow total you listen to, we got more this time than we usually get. I thought that I would talk about things that I observed during this snow event, with the hope that each of us will... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. There is great news in the air…I am actually writing about a holiday “before” it even gets here. Insert “happy dance.” Yes, I am talking about Valentine’s Day. As you (my faithful readers of the pack) know that... Read more
If you are reading this, then you survived Snowmageddon 2016. We all anxiously awaited that first snow flake; Tim Bullis had already made the hearts and souls of all the children and teachers happy by calling school on Friday, and the anticipation for a huge snow storm was building.... Read more
I know of three fires, in single-family dwellings with attached garages that have resulted in fatalities, in Chesterfield County alone. The fires that I am thinking about have spanned a number of years, the most recent was a few Sundays ago, but all had devastating results. Each one of... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. If you remember last week, I was explaining how my billfold was on its last legs and how men really cherish their billfolds. With that being said I saw a commercial the other night about a slim billfold,... Read more
During the course of a normal day, the feet are asked to bear much of the burden of our regular locomotion. We often take our feet for granted until they start hurting. Ideally, the foot is designed to distribute the weight of each step throughout the foot and not... Read more
I am often asked about timing. “Is it too late for, too early for, or when should I….?” These are common but good questions because it means the person is thinking before doing. Most trees, shrubs, and lawn grasses are forgiving when it comes to errant timing of pruning... Read more