I have been taking my readers through my fire service journey, but I feel like I need to step back and share some life-changing or life-altering moments in my life. I am going to give you a brief snapshot of my life-journey. 1976 – I became a Christian and... Read more
Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. One of the things I like about this part of the year is college football. As I have stated in past articles, I was born and raised in Ohio – the middle of high school and college football country,... Read more
A recent Kaiser poll showed that most Americans agree that medications cost too much. In fact, the majority of Americans are more concerned about the cost of drugs than any other health issue facing our nation. While about three-quarters said they could easily afford their medicines, about 20 percent... Read more
Dear diary, today I fertilized my azaleas. For many of you reading this, the phrase dear diary has not been heard in years. Many famous quotes start with “timing is everything in ….” Timing may not be everything in gardening, but it is more than a passing occurrence. A... Read more
To the Editor I grew up in Chesterfield, I have seen change throughout the years: Larger highways, stoplights, new subdivisions and many new restaurants. As I drive throughout Virginia for work I see much of the same as small towns connect by concrete, Chick-fil-A and Walmart.  Many times I... Read more
I will take another break from my engine to the truck series, to ensure that we talk about Saturday, Oct. 31, otherwise known as Halloween. I am amazed that some consider Halloween their favorite day of the year. It is important that I write about this, with the intent... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. I have two things to cover. First I want to bring to everyone’s attention something I mentioned in my last article. As a reminder, if you missed that article, I mentioned that my Master had told me last... Read more
When we leave the bosom of education, whether it is university, technical or high school, we enter the real world – employment. Some of us use what we have learned, some of us explore vocations unrelated to our education and some of us slide by not knowing what to... Read more
I have just returned from my last field trip to the pumpkin patch. While I will not miss the itchy, scratchy feeling from the hay, or the multiple trips to the porta johns, it was surely bittersweet. My babies are growing up; gone are the days of field trips... Read more
When I left you, I had been assigned to Engine 8, then U-83, in Matoaca. I spent three years there initially. With it being a slow house, I was able to get my self-study work done pretty quickly. Matoaca was also the house where I had set a goal... Read more