Please note the control buttons at the bottom of the page and play around with them to get familiar with what they do. The online paper you see is identical to the Village News you see on the stand every week at your favorite pickup place. But the online... Read more
Baseball fans visit Cooperstown, N.Y.
Jackson Drewry, Walter and Elinor Daniels, and Kaylee Field in Cooperstown, N.Y., with the Village News. Read more
A collection of letters from a woman of the 21st century to 34 nameless women of Bible times is being released this week. “Dear Mrs. Noah: Letters to Unnamed Women of the Bible” by Chester resident Roberta M. Damon, gives appropriate names and new identities to women familiar to... Read more
It sits on a wooded lot near Centralia. Perched over Hedgelawn subdivision, the manor house Hedge Lawn, the namesake of the surrounding modern homes, Francis Lutz, the author of Chesterfield County Early Architecture and Historic Sites writes that Hedgelawn, grew to twice its size when a kitchen was added.... Read more
The Chester Kiwanis Club is making preparations for the 2017 Chester Kiwanis Christmas Parade. This year’s parade theme is “Parade of the Christmas Toys.” The parade will take place Sunday, Dec. 10 at 2 p.m. It will begin at the Chester YMCA and end at Harrowgate Road. Entrants that... Read more
Keeping our riverways clean
The day was clear and warm as volunteers canvassed the James River for trash and debris in several locations all along the waterways. As part of the James River cleanup, a stretch of the river was cleaned at the Falling Creek area. More than 50 volunteers, adults and children,... Read more
Friends of the Lower Appomattox River will host the 10th Annual Paddle-or-Battle Saturday, September 30, 2017. Come out and paddle to preserve the Appomattox River. Registration is open for the Saturday, Sept. 30 event for the 10th Annual Paddle – or – Battle, an opportunity for a recreational paddle... Read more
CHESTERFIELD – Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe joined the Economic Development Authority of Chesterfield to announce the acquisition of 1,675 acres of prime real estate in the county to be used to attract a large industrial manufacturing company that could bring 5,000-10,000 direct and supplier jobs and billions of dollars... Read more
  This notable intersection of Iron Bridge and Centralia roads is known for the location of it cattycorner pharmacies junk food joints, banks and the shopping center with the latest victim of the Martin’s closings. At one time the northeast corner of that intersection was home to Wrexham before... Read more
CHESTER RENTS Rents in Chester have increased 0.2 percent over the past month, and are up 3.2 percent year-over-year. •   Median rent prices here prove to be more affordable than comparable cities nationwide. •   Chester’s median two-bedroom apartment rents of $1,250 is above the national average of... Read more