The bridge on Dundas Road that climbs over the CSX tracks and becomes Beulah Road west of the bridge will be replaced by 2020. New funding for the project was announced last week, justifying the project due to its sufficiency rating of 34, which would rank the bridge condition... Read more
School start times could change if several pieces fall into place. The Chesterfield School Board could be swapping elementary and high school start times but it may take some time to implement. After some grappling, CCPS has settled on a plan to swap high school and elementary school start... Read more
While the sale of homes in Chesterfield County is just a bit lower than last year; home prices have plummeted since its peak in July of last year. March 2015 posted 368 homes sold compared with 370 units in March of this year. Both are well below that measured... Read more
The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) have implemented new signal displays at four locations in Chesterfield County which began this month to make turning left at each intersection more efficient. The new four-head signals use a combination of a green arrow and a flashing yellow to allow for a... Read more
According to the Virginia Department of Transportation, Jefferson Davis Highway (Route 1) (JDH) is improving the intersection of JDH and Old Bermuda Hundred Road. Due to sight line issues, the intersection has been redesigned and will include: turn lanes on both routes at this intersection as well as a... Read more
A court order changing Congressional districts, do to alleged gerrymandering, requires Chesterfield Registrar Lawrence Haake to divide voting precincts along the new 4th and 7th Congressional boundaries creating four precincts out of the current two – Beach Voting Precinct and Bird Voting Precinct. The new precincts will vote at... Read more
Chesterfield County Administrator Jay Stegmaier and School Superintendent Dr. Marcus Newsome were awarded the Active RVA Changemakers award at the Active RVA Summit on March 7. They were recognized for supporting active living and effectively reaching approximately 12,000 employees with messages, programs and services that help to improve the... Read more
A deer carcass laid in a ditch beside Chester Road on Friday. Several large birds resembling eagles circled the site and slowly began to land, they surrounded the carrion and began to feast, and the vulture clean-up crew had arrived. In Chesterfield County, in the deer carcass scenario, there... Read more
The Chesterfield County School Board announced today its unanimous selection of Goochland County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. James F. Lane, a former Chesterfield County school administrator, as the next superintendent of Chesterfield County Public Schools. Lane’s appointment, which is scheduled to be voted on tonight by the School Board,... Read more
It has been almost eight years since American Mobile Home Park, on Jefferson Davis Highway, was closed to make way for a large retail and multi-family development. The massive project could be returning. Before the project started in 2008, the primary property owner, Trollingwood Land LLC, died as the... Read more