By A.A. “Cotton” Puryear The Virginia National Guard will broke ground on its new state headquarters facility on Aug. 16 at Defense Supply Center Richmond in North Chesterfield. The 102,000 square foot facility will be built on a 13.6-acre site in the northern section of DSCR, cost approximately $30... Read more
Chesterfield County has received two achievement awards from the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo). The VACo Achievement Awards is a competitive program open to local government members of the association. Held annually, it recognizes local government programs in awards criteria that include innovation, cooperation, and model practices. Chesterfield County’s... Read more
The communities of Enon Elementary and Beulah Elementary are gathering to help decide how their new school buildings will look. Community members will see the school design, review options for how the exterior of their school might look, and vote on the facade they prefer during these meetings: The... Read more
Chesterfield is buying into the idea of pedestrian access for citizens across the county. Old Centralia Road is slated for a sidewalk from Castlebury Drive to Glen Oaks Court. Sidewalks have already been constructed on Cogbill, Osborne, and Harrowgate roads. Old Centralia and Osborne roads have had partial sidewalks... Read more
Have you said, “I can’t believe what they’re doing up there,” referring to how Chesterfield County is spending tax dollars? This year’s county budget and the budgets extending out for five years could be just a little different in how it is constructed. The Chesterfield Budget and Management Department... Read more
The Chesterfield County School Board on July 12 adopted a prototype design for the four elementary schools that will be built in the next 32 months. Using the same design for multiple schools will save money and time as Chesterfield County Public Schools moves forward to build a new... Read more
The National School Public Relations Association is honoring Dr. James F. Lane as one of the nation’s Superintendents to Watch. Only 24 school superintendents across  the country were selected, and Dr. Lane is the only Virginia superintendent on the list. The Superintendents to Watch program recognizes educational leaders with... Read more
To some, the vultures claiming Dutch Gap as their rest and roost area are a nuisance. To others, the protected birds are a treasurer. They have been a source of controversy for years. Chesterfield County renewed a contract on July 1 with USDA Wildlife Division that allows for the... Read more
Health minded kayakers or canoe paddlers learn their chops touring the Farrar Gut backwater at Dutch Gap. But recent findings by citizens group, Hands Across the Lake, indicate that the old James River channel (used before the Dutch Gap Canal was built during the Civil War) could be contaminated... Read more
The Board of Supervisors and School Board have launched a community engagement initiative to provide you with a wide range of opportunities to communicate what is most important to you. The campaign will focus on a short, five-question survey. All county residents and business owners are encouraged to complete... Read more