Chesterfield County Police are urging drivers to be aware of a speed limit change on Iron Bridge Road. The speed limit on Iron Bridge Road from Chesterfield Meadows Drive to just west of its intersection with Landfill Drive is now 45 mph. Previously, the speed limit on this stretch... Read more
CHESTERFIELD – Chesterfield County intends to apply for funds allocated for the Transportation Alternatives Program to improve or add to projects involving actual road building. The county is preparing projects eligible for funding through the program including: On-road and off-road pedestrian and bicycle facilities Safe routes for non-drivers (children,... Read more
Chesterfield is buying into the idea of pedestrian access for citizens across the county. Old Centralia Road is slated for a sidewalk from Castlebury Drive to Glen Oaks Court. Sidewalks have already been constructed on Cogbill, Osborne, and Harrowgate roads. Old Centralia and Osborne roads have had partial sidewalks... Read more
Coxendale Road to be reconstructed, closing and delays are expected Contractors will be working on Coxendale Road reconstruction during the day from June 29 to approximately July 20. There will be some delays as the road is reduced to a single lane. Nighttime work on the roadway will begin... Read more
Intersections are changing. Typically a vehicle approaching an intersection will be greeted by a traffic signal, stop or yield sign or more recently a roundabout. Currently there are 10 roundabouts in Chesterfield and more could be coming. Last week the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) held a community information... Read more
The Hopkins and Kingsland road intersection could get an upgrade – a roundabout. The proposed roundabout will be the subject of a VDOT open house on Tuesday, May 24 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The meeting, which will take place at Beulah Elementary School, will offer a general-information... Read more
The bridge on Dundas Road that climbs over the CSX tracks and becomes Beulah Road west of the bridge will be replaced by 2020. New funding for the project was announced last week, justifying the project due to its sufficiency rating of 34, which would rank the bridge condition... Read more
The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) have implemented new signal displays at four locations in Chesterfield County which began this month to make turning left at each intersection more efficient. The new four-head signals use a combination of a green arrow and a flashing yellow to allow for a... Read more